Posted on Jan. 14, 2001

The 2001 Hawai'i State Legislature

How to reach your representative and senator

The 25-member Senate will begin the 2001 session with a new leadership organization led by Senate President Robert Bunda, who replaces retired Senate President Norman Mizuguchi. A handful of senators lost powerful positions in the reorganization and in protest refused Bunda’s offer to lead various committees, but it is unclear whether or how that will affect the Senate’s work this session.
The Senate, which remains generally sympathetic to the public worker unions, is made up of 22 Democrats and three Republicans. Democrats will be faced with funding public worker pay raises as well as Gov. Ben Cayetano’s second try at reforming the civil service system.

Make your voice heard
• Contact your legislators.
• Join our discussion on what you would like to see the Legislature accomplish this year.
• Start a petition. Visit our E the People town hall and get a movement going on the issues that matter to you.

More information on the Internet
The State Capitol Web site at offers a variety of information including a legislative timetable, notices of when bills will be heard and links to lawmakers’ e-mail.
Also available at the site are texts of bills and resolutions introduced in 1999, which are still active.
Bills introduced this year will be added as they are filed. A legislative history of each measure are also available at the site along with records of what bills have been referred to each committee.
• More information is also available at the Public Access Room in Room 401 of the State Capitol. Public Access Room staff have scheduled about 15 workshops on the legislative process, citizen lobbying and other subjects for January and February.
A workshop schedule is available at the Access Room Web page at The Web site also features descriptions of how a bill becomes a law and links to other useful sites.
The Public Access Room is open 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays. The room has expanded hours just before the key legislative deadlines. The phone number is 587-0478.

Jan Yagi Buen
D-4th (W. Maui, Molokai, Lanai)
Room 228
Phone: 586-7340
Fax: 586-7343
President Robert Bunda
D-22nd (Wahiawa, Waialua,Sunset Beach)
Room 003
Phone: 586-6090
Fax: 586-6091
Avery B. Chumbley
D-6th (E. Maui, N. Kauai)
Room 222
Phone: 586-6030
Fax: 586-6031
Jonathan Chun
D-7th (S. Kauai, Niihau)
Room 206
Phone: 586-7344
Fax: 586-7348
Suzanne Chun Oakland
D-14th (Palama, Alewa Heights)
Room 223
Phone: 586-6130
Fax: 586-6131
J. Kalani English
D-5th (Kahului, Upcountry Maui)
Room 205
Phone: 587-7225
Fax: 587-7230
Carol Fukunaga
D-12th (Makiki, Ala Moana, Tantalus)
Room 216
Phone: 586-6890
Fax: 586-6899
Colleen Hanabusa
D-21st (Barbers Point, Makaha)
Room 214
Phone: 586-7793
Fax: 586-7797
Fred Hemmings
R-25th (Kailua, Waimanalo)
Room 208
Phone: 587-8388
Fax: 587-7240
Bob Hogue
R-24th (Kaneohe, Kailua)
Room 204
Phone: 587-7215
Fax: 587-7220
David Ige
D-17th (Pacific Palisades, Pearl City)
Room 215
Phone: 586-6230
Fax: 586-6231
Les Ihara Jr.
D-10th (Waikiki, Kaimuki)
Room 217
Phone: 586-6250
Fax: 586-6251
Lorraine R. Inouye
D-1st (Hawi, N. Kona, Waimea)
Room 201
Phone: 586-7335
Fax: 586-7339
Brian Kanno
D-20th (Ewa Beach, Makakilo, Kapolei)
Room 202
Phone: 586-6830
Fax: 586-6679
Cal Kawamoto
D-19th (Waipahu, Pearl City)
Room 230
Phone: 586-6970
Fax: 586-6879
Donna Mercado Kim
D-15th (Kalihi Valley, Aiea)
Room 218
Phone: 587-7200
Fax: 587-7205
Russell Kokubun
D-3rd (Ka‘u, Kona)
Room 207
Phone: 586-6760
Fax: 586-6689
Matt Matsunaga
D-9th (Waialae, Palolo)
Room 203
Phone: 586-7100
Fax: 586-7109
David Matsuura
D-2nd (S. Hilo, Puna)
Room 226
Phone: 586-7788
Fax: 586-7792
Ron Menor
D-18th (Waipio Gentry, Wahiawa)
Room 219
Phone: 586-6740
Fax: 586-6829
Bob Nakata
D-23rd (Kaneohe, Kahuku)
Room 231
Phone: 586-7330
Fax: 586-7334
Norman Sakamoto
D-16th (Moanalua, Salt Lake)
Room 213
Phone: 586-8585
Fax: 586-8588
Sam Slom
R-8th (Waialae Iki, Hawaii Kai)
Room 221
Phone: 586-8420
Fax: 586-8426
Rod Tam
D-13th (Nuuanu, Downtown, Sand I.)
Room 220
Phone: 586-6450
Fax: 586-6451
Brian Taniguchi
D-11th (McCully, Moiliili, Manoa)
Room 210
Phone: 586-6460
Fax: 586-6461