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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Saturday, August 11, 2001

Letters to the Editor

Creationism bears the burden of proof

Donald Baron's letter of July 31 advocating the teaching of "intelligent design" is reminiscent of the German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz's claim that this is the best of all possible worlds — to which British philosopher F.H. Bradley sardonically commented, "Yes, and everything in it is a necessary evil."

Baron's denunciation of biologist Richard Dawkins as a dogmatic ostrich for rejecting intelligent design simply assumes, without adducing the slightest scientific evidence, that creation has a purpose. Dawkins has brilliantly depicted the mechanics of evolution, a process driven by incremental mutations promoting species' survival. He has annihilated the naive argument that the world, simply because of its immense complexity, requires conscious design for its "explanation."

Believers in intelligent design bear the burden of proof. So far, they haven't produced a hint of evidence for their belief. That's why creationism doesn't belong in biology classes.

C.W. Griffin

If you sign a contract, it should be binding

Regarding the HSTA and state impasse: It is interesting to note that Davis Yogi quotes the passage pertaining to the master's degree and certification yet overlooks the last couple of words that say "each year."

Yogi, Gov. Cayetano and all of the state's heads still cannot, or refuse to, interpret the phrase "each year." If the contract was for one year, then the additional money is for one year; however, the contract is for two years. That means the state is liable to pay for two years, not what the state claims was intended by using a figure of $6 million.

I wish all individuals, corporations and countries that sign contracts could do the same thing the state is trying to do. By just saying "that was not our intent" and "they should have known this was our intent," they could summarily dismiss the wording of legal, binding contracts.

The DOE did not have the numbers of teachers who qualified for this extra incentive; the state personnel department did. Now the state says it did not have any idea how much those incentive bonuses were going to cost. Who in their right mind would go into negotiations not knowing what the total cost of that particular line item was going to be and on top of that agree to it? What happened to the state data base? Doesn't anybody know how to run queries or sort in the personnel department?æ

And to think we as taxpayers are paying people like Yogi to represent our best interests? Shame on us and shame on them.

Well, I guess I better get back to my little grass shack and mend my grass skirt 'cause the rest of the 49 states must be thinking that's where we still are.

Leonard Furukawa

Handicapped parking being misused by many

I missed Tom Aki's Aug. 3 letter about handicapped parking, but I didn't miss June E. Grantham's letter of Aug. 8. June, are you certain Tom was referring to you? I am sure you know who he was referring to. Just like the people who abuse handicapped parking know exactly who they are and don't care.

I do not think everyone who uses a handicapped parking permit is entitled to it. If one is in need of such a pass and is disabled, how is it that when he comes to a stop to park, he literally hops out of the vehicle and sashays into the place he is going to? Each time I see this happen, I become ill.

I know that folks like June are entitled to use the handicapped parking pass. So I am not begrudging her; it's the others who are not entitled to use handicapped parking even though they have a pass.

Sometimes I think the doctors are handing-out-handicapped-parking-permits happy. And since I have your attention, why don't the folks who make the handicapped parking put accesses to maneuver on both sides? Some of us can only get out on one side.

Judith M. Birt

Any events planned for Admission Day?

I haven't heard of any planned events to celebrate the anniversary of Hawai'i's Admission Day on Aug. 17. Are there any events planned by the state government? If not, why not?

Don't tell me that it has something to do with not wanting to offend the Hawaiian sovereignty activists. I would certainly hope not.

All those who live in Hawai'i should be celebrating all that we have received as a result of becoming the 50th state in the Union.

R.M. Chapman

Don't knock Wahiawa; it's a great place to live

Does moving away from Wahiawa mean going somewhere more ideal ("Wahiawa teachers find students contented," Aug. 2)? Hardly. Those of us who live in Wahiawa know that our town is ideal, which, by the way, is a word that cannot be modified by qualifiers such as more.

In an ideal world, reporters wouldn't feel the need to put down Wahiawa in what should have been an upbeat article about one of our excellent neighborhood schools.

Grace Dixon