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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Friday, December 14, 2001

Gifts for the great outdoors

By Catherine E. Toth
Advertiser Staff Writer

Carbite Golf ZG putter ($129.99): Features lightweight aluminum body with a bronze insert with tungsten-carbide particles for increased feel and true roll.

Rich Ambo • The Honolulu Advertiser Product courtesy Sports Authority

Look over your Christmas list and you'll find them.

The triathlete, the tennis pro, the hacker, the Boy Scout, the kid.

They thrive on sunshine, they live for adventure.

Any chance they have, they're outdoors, training for the Tinman or working on groundstrokes, shooting hoops or practicing putts.

So what do you get them, these outdoor warriors (who probably have everything they need) for Christmas?

Good question.

But thanks to a multi-billion-dollar sporting goods industry that continues to produce newer, better merchandise, last year's court shoes and tennis rackets are now obsolete.

So here's a buyer's guide to what's new, what's hot and what's on sale this Christmas:

• Spyder Super Kit ($199.99): Good collection of equipment for the beginning paintball player. Sorry, paintballs not included.

Rich Ambo • The Honolulu Advertiser Product courtesy Sports Authority

• Heelys Predator ($74.99, The Sports Authority): Nothing is selling better — and faster — than these wheeled shoes. Local shops can't keep enough in stock. Substitute: Oxygen's Roller Shoes ($39.99) have four trackable wheels (back and front). Online: Various styles and colors of Heelys, www.Heelys.com.

• Hazard Hills Golf Practice Green ($32, Nevada Bob's Golf): No excuses. Give them a reason to work on their putting game — sand trap and water hazard included. Online: Links Tradition Putt 'n Hazzard Golf Practice Putting Mat ($39.99), Fogdog.com.

• Sony CD Walkman Compact Disc/MP3 Disc Player ($149.99, CompUSA): Sony's first CD-MP3 combo features 24 hours of continuous MP2 playback and 32 hours of CD tune time in a sleek player. The skip-free G-Protection makes it perfect for the everyday athlete who needs musical accompaniment to his workout. Online: Order one at www.Sony.com.

• Reebok Answer V DMX ($124.99, The Sports Authority): Faster selling than the stiffer Adidas Kobe 2, Allen Iverson's branded shoes are a hot item locally, thanks to its sleek looks and comfortable soles.

• Heelys Predator ($74.99): Not only do these shoes have wheels, the come in an assortment of styles and colors.

Rich Ambo • The Honolulu Advertiser Product courtesy Sports Authority

• Vivonic Fitness Planner ($119.99, Fogdog.com): This handy planner customizes an exercise and nutrition plan, creating a schedule to help you reach your fitness goals. You get feedback on your progress plus daily and weekly totals of your calorie intake, calories expended and total grams of fat, sodium, protein and cholesterol you've consumed.

• Helix T_S ($79.99, The Sports Authority): The newest Timex watch has a temperature sensor designed to assist the outdoor athlete. Water resistant up to 100 meters, the sporty watch also features a chronograph, countdown timer, alarm and night light. Online: Find out more on www.helix.timex.com.

• Airzone 13-foot Trampoline ($199.99, The Sports Authority): The large, outdoor trampoline is a hot item at The Sports Authority. The six-leg construction provides stability; the weather-resistant mat makes it perfect anywhere. Online: Buy the 14-foot version for a slightly reduced price ($188.88) at Walmart.com.

• Survival Kit in a Sardine Can ($10.95, The Bike Shop): Something different for the stocking, this survival kit comes complete with bandages, matches, tea bag, non-aspirin pain reliever, duct tape, safety pin, razor blade, signal mirror and a whistle, among other items. And it's small enough to fit in your back pocket.

Helix T_S ($79.99): This watch features a temperature sensor and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Rich Ambo • The Honolulu Advertiser Product courtesy Sports Authority

• Spyder Super Kit ($199.99, The Sports Authority): Everything your paintball rookie needs: semi-automatic .68 caliber paintball gun, face mask and goggles, 12 oz. CO2 tank, two speed tubes, hopper and cleaner. The only thing missing are paintballs.

• Prince Triple Threat Grande ($139.99 on sale through Saturday, The Sports Authority; $169, McCully Bicycle & Sporting Goods): What makes this racket a hot-seller is its sale price, marked down at The Sports Authority and McCully Bicycle from its $300 original price. Lightweight and oversized, this racket, which just arrived in stores last week, boasts a generous sweet spot.

• Spalding Infusion ($39.99, The Sports Authority): It's hard to believe, but it really works. The basketball with a built-in pump lets you inflate anytime, anywhere. Since the pump locks into place after use, the pump won't affect weight, balance or playability.

Spalding Infusion ($39.99): A ball with a built-in pump. All you need to do is to bring your game.

Rich Ambo • The Honolulu Advertiser Product courtesy Sports Authority

• Wenger Executive Golf Pro Swiss Army Knife With A Sleeve Of Golf Balls And Tees ($24.99 at Fogdog.com): A convenient tool for any golfer, it comes with a divot repair tool, three markers and a stroke counter. And if that wasn't enough, it comes with a sleeve of MaxFli golf balls.

• Winning Edge Popeye and Bulldog with Cigar headcovers ($21.99 each on Fogdog.com): Forget Tiger. Top your woods with Winning Edge's fun headcovers. From Popeye to a cigar-toting bulldog, these headcovers are sure to set your golfing giftee apart from the rest of the competition. Fits all sizes and weather-resistant.

• Carbite Golf ZG putter ($79.99 on sale, The Sports Authority; regular price $129.99): Part of Carbite's Z series, the ZG boasts a lightweight aluminum body with a bronze insert with tungsten-carbide particles for increased feel and true roll. Hackers will love this: It's considered the most forgiving putter in golf.