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The Honolulu Advertiser

Posted on: Friday, June 8, 2001

Special session rightly kept to a minimum

While there is no shortage of unfinished business at the Hawai'i Legislature, leadership has made a wise decision when it placed strict limits on what would take place during this week's special session.

The Legislature was reconvened to fix manifest errors in two budget bills. They are also taking time to confirm two gubernatorial appointments made after the regular session ended.

Republicans have made several stabs at introducing other business, but so far have been quickly and properly shut down.

There may be some political points to be made in dramatizing the work that remains undone that could be accomplished by the Legislature. But this is not the way to do it.

If anything, it is deceptive to call a session for one purpose and then use it to accomplish another.

If lawmakers believe there is urgent business that cannot wait until the regular 2002 session, they have every right to reconvene for that purpose. But they should state their purpose up front, so that taxpayers have a clear idea what they're paying for.