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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Monday, November 19, 2001

The Left Lane
Bruce Lee digitized

A Korean studio has announced plans to use computerized special effects to resurrect the image of kung-fu star Bruce Lee for a new movie, more than 28 years after his death.

"I realized the technology had advanced so far I could recreate one person perfectly — including the voice," said Chul Shin, president of ShinCine Communications. "And I wanted it to be Bruce Lee because I have been a fan since high school."

Shin expects to spend $50 million on the movie, tentatively titled "Dragon Warrior," and hopes to have it completed in three years.

Despite weak acting skills, Lee's astounding displays of physical might and featherweight acrobatics earned him a cult following when he began starring in such thrillers as 1972's "Fists of Fury" and 1973's "Enter the Dragon."

— Associated Press

Clothing nutrition

Forget to take your vitamins? Wear your daily dose instead.

That's the idea Japanese textile maker Fuji Spinning is trying out in its test-marketing of T-shirts that dispense vitamin C to wearers.

The science behind it is a chemical reaction when the shirt, infused with pro-vitamin C, comes in contact with warm human skin. The skin supposedly will absorb the vitamin, although there's no guarantee that it works.

The T-shirt will have the amount of vitamin C in two lemons, and the company says the vitamin-dispensing power takes 30 washings to fade. The shirts are available at Takashimaya department store in Tokyo.

The company's next project: vitamin underpants. No kidding.

— Tanya Bricking, Advertiser staff writer

Justin scores

Justin has 30 seconds of exposure in the movie "Shallow Hal."

Advertiser library photo

A song by local boy Justin (aka Kawika Young) is featured briefly in "Shallow Hal," the Jack BlackiGwyneth Paltrow comedy now in theaters.

"Never Forget Where I'm From" is off Justin's second CD, "Soothe You." About 30 seconds of the ditty is sung by one of the characters, played by Joshua "Lil' Boy" Shintani.

Justin's local distributor, Neos Productions, wasn't certain if the cut would make the soundtrack, but the exposure plus credit in the end-title crawl is excitement enough for Justin.

— Wayne Harada, Advertiser entertainment editor

Fashion fast-forward

Organized fashionistas have their holiday wardrobe planned. Very organized ones are working on spring. Based on the runway looks previewed for spring 2002, the trends predicted by WWD: The Magazine include:

  • Ladies of Spain. Off-the-shoulder blouses, deeply ruffled skirts.
  • Loose, oversized or supersized. Clothes with volume.
  • Intimacy. Designers have bedroom eyes for bras, panties and pajamas.
  • Urban warrior. The layered, torn and assembled-at-random look.
  • Haute bohemian. Blending the Moroccan and Roman with a touch of the Middle East and a little Haight-Ashbury.

— Associated Press