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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Saturday, November 24, 2001

Letters to the Editor

Once gays 'come out,' they're stuck there

Your Nov. 18 article on gay and lesbian families makes some startling points. Take, for instance, the quote by UH Professor Barringer, who states that, "Once people have been socialized in homosexuality, they seem to be permanently bound to it. It's not a lifestyle choice. Most seem to have no choice."

This is exactly why homosexual activists want to get into the public schools and encourage young people to make the decision to say that "I am gay." Once they "come out," they're stuck there and the gay activists end up getting another recruit.

Vanessa Birang

Legislative investigation benefitting children

How ironic that after seven years of the Felix Consent Decree, justice is served by the Legislature, not the judiciary. Meanwhile, the court and plaintiff attorneys stand alone as the plaintiffs and public side with the investigative committee in their quest for accountability of special-ed expenditures.

Beyond questions of billing impropriety and illicit personal relationships are the tens of millions of dollars and countless manpower hours redirected away from training and development of direct services for children into experimental programs and research for a national mental health managed care model and quid pro quo contracts.

State government is held in contempt, not for failure to comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (which blatantly continues), but for its failure to blindly hand over tax dollars to consultants and associates who are profiteering off the consent decree "business" across the nation with the immunity of the federal court.

The scope of the investigation extends beyond IDEA and reminds us that no person is above the law. The continuation of the legislative investigative committee will lead to the closure of loopholes so that help may finally go to children who are still patiently waiting for their share of the Felix bounty.

Laura Brown
Special-education advocate, Mililani

Don't paint Hirono in flattering colors

A reality check is in order on Francis Nakamoto's letter of Nov. 20 praising Mazie Hirono.

Yes, Mazie is untainted by scandal — it's hard to get in much trouble when you've done nothing for eight years.

And the assertion that Mazie's not "controlled by the ol' boys"? Please. Who do you think ordered her to give up her run for governor to smooth the way for Jeremy Harris?

Finally, to say that she hasn't "sold out" is incredibly naive — the unions own her. They raised $200,000 for her in a single night, and they expect a hefty return on their investment.

Jim Henshaw

Loyal had kind words for a gawky teenager

I am a Mainlander now but I grew up in the Islands and just wanted to express my deepest sorrow over the passing of Hawai'i legend Loyal Garner.

I remember meeting her at the Pearlridge Sears years ago when I was a gawky teenager. She autographed a picture for me and told me I was beautiful. I will never forget that.

She was a beautiful soul, and I pray that she enjoys entertaining everyone in heaven.

Barbara MacDonald
Tucson, Ariz.

You are who you are because of your blood

An activist I am not. But when I read letters that attack who I am as a Hawaiian by blood, then I get sick ("Racial discrimination in sheep's clothing?" by Paul de Silva, Nov. 21).

Yes, there were many people of various ethnicities who lived in the Hawaiian Kingdom, but that does not make them Hawaiian. If I move to Japan and become a citizen of that country, it will not make me Japanese.

Get real, brother. You are who you are because of the blood that runs through your veins and because of your ancestral lines. That is how you begin learning about who you are. Not because you live in a certain country. Don't be ignorant of the history and culture of my ancestors.

Kau'i Sang

Let's put the rainbow back in the program

A rose, by any other name, is still a rose. The 'Bows, by any other name, will always be the 'Bows.

So, Hugh Yoshida and June Jones, how about giving us back our 'Bows and restore the proud tradition of Rainbow football?

And while you're at it, how about restoring our anuenue to add some color to a really drab uniform?

Kokua, take us back to the future.

H.M. Winston