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The Honolulu Advertiser

Posted on: Saturday, April 13, 2002

Letter to the Editor

Animal-abuse bill should be approved

I speak out for Senate Bill 2547. It will require counseling for animal abusers and restrict the number of hours an animal may be tied up. It will also make intentional and premeditated acts of cruelty a felony.

This will affect two types of cruelty: cockfighting and torturing an animal to intimidate another person. Both of these acts are illegal, but the misdemeanor penalty has not effectively deterred animal abusers.

This bill has the support of Grayson Hashida, executive director of the Hawai'i Island Humane Society.

Please vote in favor of SB 2547.

Robert Arthurs
Kurtistown, Big Island

Events don't damage the visitor experience

Darci Evans' March 29 letter complaining about the Brunch/Sunset on the Beach events purports to represent the views of all the members of the Hawai'i Activities and Tour Association. This is not the case.

While it is true that these events inconvenience passengers, the same can be said for block parties, parades and a number of other events — either city-sponsored or not — that happen in Waikiki. That certainly does not mean that these events are bad.

The state, the city and the visitor industry have been trying for decades to create events that will encourage local residents to enjoy Waikiki, mingle with visitors and enjoy the changes occurring to the physical plant of Waikiki.

Now that we have finally succeeded to a degree, Ms. Evans would have them thrown out. Her assertion that they "damage the visitor experience" is way off the mark, at least judging from my own experience at these events. In fact, everyone who attends seems to enjoy them very much.

Perhaps better notification and spacing out the events would serve everyone well, but to do away with these events because a couple companies are inconvenienced would be terribly shortsighted and a detriment to our collective efforts to make Waikiki an enjoyable destination for everyone.

Michael Carr
President, Polynesian Adventure Tours

Teacher pay report gave inaccurate picture

I was deeply upset by the recent report on teacher salaries in Hawai'i. The report made it seem as if Hawai'i pays well. There are two main facts left out of the report:

• The number of older, veteran teachers. This could raise a state average $10,000 (Hawai'i has a large veteran teacher population).

• The cost of living. It does not matter if you make, as a teacher average, $40,000 when you live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. It would matter if I made $40,000 living in an inexpensive state (Arizona, for example).

Michael Coviello

It's not the money; it's the love for a dog

Regarding Natalie Lau's April 9 letter, "Spending $50,000 on dog not justified": $50,000 is a lot of money. Yet for some people (myself included), it is difficult to put a price on the life of a family member, as many dogs are regarded.

In the past, I never understood the way dog lovers spoiled their dogs. The things they would do for the dogs and the money they spent seemed so outrageous until I got three dogs of my own. In my opinion, there is no comparison between my dogs and aÊ"new Mercedes convertible," as Lau so eloquently put it. I know that if any one of my three dogs were lost, I would try everything within my means to try to find them.

And frankly, it is reassuring to know there are agencies and organizations like the Hawaiian Humane Society to assist me if needed.

Regarding Lau's thinking twice about donating to such organizations,: The last time I checked, we lived in a wonderful society that allows us the freedom to choose the organizations we want to support. I'm sure there are a lot of pet lovers who will still continue to support such agencies.

Eunice G. Fukunaga

Renaming H-3 tunnels insensitive, disgraceful

I thought it was insensitive, disgraceful and insulting that Gov. Cayetano decided to take away the Harano name from the H-3 tunnels and rename them in honor of Gov. John Burns.

Engineer Tetsuo "Tets" Harano, it appears, did more than enough to deserve the honor bestowed upon him. Why, then, was there any need to hurt this man's feelings and strip him of his pride, honor and dignity?

About all Cayetano's action has done is anger Harano's allies, made those who knew Gov. Burns feel uncomfortable that his legacy was being perpetuated in this most unfortunate way and added more people who have lost even more respect for the present governor.

Teruo Hasegawa

Cameras: a lost vision

Here we have a Legislature scrambling for money to operate the state and at the same time canceling a program it started, a program that will save lives. A program that will cost all of us millions to cancel.

How you figgah?

Bobby Cooper