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The Honolulu Advertiser

Posted on: Saturday, December 21, 2002

A day of wonder and awe

By H. Murray Hohns
New Hope Christian Fellowship

H. Murray Hohns

It's Christmastime again. Our squares, streets and many of our homes are filling with the trappings of the season. It's the time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, and virtually everyone regardless of their faith enjoys these holidays.

The Gospel of John tells us in one short sentence why Christmas is special. It says "the word became flesh and dwelt among us."

The word is what comes out of each of us and defines us as a person. Our word or what we are is what we give or mean to those about us. The word of God is what defines our creator. It is how God reveals himself to mankind. We know God through his word and his word is the only word on earth under heaven that matters when all is said and done.

This word or person of God came to earth as a helpless baby, born to ordinary folks who nurtured and molded this child just like you and I were parented. He learned values from his mom and dad, family and community. This word that dwelt among us spent 30 years learning and gaining understanding about his people before the anointing came and he began to speak. He understood his roots and who he was well before he began to teach and minister.

Think about this, how God took on human flesh and came to dwell with us: altogether lovely, pure, majestic, royal, authoritative, incorruptible, reliable, loving, knowing and caring. Holy, high, lifted up and almighty beyond our ability to understand.

One who is merciful, long-suffering, who fed the masses, healed the sick, forgave us and gave hope to hopeless. Who never sought riches or fame but challenged the thinking of his day with a concern for the downtrodden and lost. Who ultimately gave his life for us, and in that death provided an acceptable loving sacrifice sufficient to cover all our sin, and the sin of all of us wherever we may live.

This word in 33 short years infected and affected all that it touched. Once spoken, this word gathered steam and soon was touching lives across the world. I first heard this word preached in 1961, and my life changed. Old things passed away and my life was filled with new ideas and concerns. I suddenly understood life, why we lived and how we should live. I instantly knew that God had created the heavens and the earth and all that lives and has lived.

Christmas celebrates the birth — the entry of this wonder working word — into our world.

The word dwelt among us for a very short time 2000 years ago. Each year those of us who have listened to and heard that word pause and remember the day that our Savior was born.

Christmas, a day of wonder and awe. The day Jesus came to earth, a day the angels sang.

The best time of the year!

H. Murray Hohns of Makiki is a retired engineer and an associate pastor at New Hope Christian Fellowship. Expressions of Faith welcomes written works from leaders in faith and spirituality. E-mail faith@honoluluadvertiser.com or call 525-8035.