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The Honolulu Advertiser

Posted on: Monday, July 29, 2002

Workers must trust before they'll follow

By Dr. Drake Beil
President, Solutions Inc.

How do you develop as a coach? How can you influence others in a way that optimizes their potential?

It all starts with the meaning of your communication, and the actual content of your messages.

Communication is an exchange of information; ideas are shared between individuals with a common set of expectations. However, the real meaning of communication is not necessarily what you intended; it is what is received. The meaning comes across in the response you receive, the results you produce. Successful coaching is results-oriented.

We're talking about behavior. Not personality. Not intent. Successful coaches create behavior and influence performance.

Coaching has three steps: When you want to get someone to do something, aside from the use of force, first they have to trust you. Second, if they trust you they will follow you. Third, if they're moving with you, mentally, physically or spiritually, they will want to complete an agreement with you.

Championships start with trust. If people don't trust you, they won't want to follow you. They have to believe you are not out to hurt them. If they follow you only as a result of fear or threats, they are less likely to want to have more to do with you. They won't want to deal with you the next time, and will generally refuse your guidance, unless they have no choice. And if they have to work with you again, you get the beginnings of dislike and desired separation. When they see you coming, they go the other way.

Reach Dr. Drake Beil at drake@60secondsonbusiness.