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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Saturday, June 1, 2002

Letters to the Editor

Ed Case truly qualified to be next governor

With Jeremy Harris out of the gubernatorial race, there is only one candidate truly qualified to be Hawai'i's next governor: Ed Case.

Every Democrat, Republican and Independent in Hawai'i should take a close look at his record and his qualifications to lead our state. Don't believe it? Check out his Web site, www.edcase.com, and find out for yourself.

Tim Slear

Habitats proposal doesn't make sense

Excuse me, but did I miss something during this past legislative session? Somehow, I had the distinct impression that our paradise is having serious financial problems maintaining a balanced budget. If so, do the members of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service not know about that?

Proposing to spend millions of dollars on habitats in our Islands seems more than a little bizarre. Perhaps we are going to saddle the taxpayers in the other states, many of which are having similar problems financially, with that burden.

Enough, already!

Carl Harrison

Dangerous-dog law protects people, animals

Our heartfelt sympathy to Kathy Dunn and her family at the tragic killing of her dog, Charmer, by another dog, as told in her May 27 letter. Ms. Dunn did the right thing and notified the Hawaiian Humane Society of the incident.

We began an investigation under Honolulu's dangerous-dog law, which does not preclude her from taking civil action, too.

Though it cannot alleviate the heartbreak for families whose pets are injured or killed, it is important for pet owners to be aware of the dangerous-dog law, which became effective in July 2001. The law protects both people and animals that are attacked and allows determination of responsibility through the criminal court system. If the dog in question is deemed dangerous, the court may impose restrictions upon the housing and handling of the dog, and fines or jail time for the owner.

We encourage any O'ahu pet owner whose animal is injured or killed by a dog to file a report with the Hawaiian Humane Society.

We also urge anyone who has a dog that exhibits aggressive tendencies to take immediate action to socialize his dog, sterilize it or confine it so it may not become a threat to our community's safety.

Pamela Burns
President and CEO
Hawaiian Humane Society

Why not use donated books at library?

While the state waits for funds for the new Kapolei Library, why can't the library use used books donated by the public? Those books for the annual book sale could be be gathered now and used by the Kapolei citizens.

A section of the new library could be set aside, and even a book sale might not be a bad idea. The money earned could be set aside for extras when the library opens.

Leonard K. Chun

Dick Tomey perfect in broadcast booth

I have mixed feelings about Dick Tomey, the former UH Rainbow Warrior football coach, possibly becoming the University of Hawai'i's next athletic director, replacing the retiring Hugh Yoshida.

Tomey has done such a wonderful job working with Jim Leahy and the "Home Team" at K5 covering all the Warrior games here and away.

His professionalism and expertise alone are an education and will be sorely missed if he leaves the broadcast booth.

Kalani Kinimaka
Lahaina, Maui