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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Monday, June 17, 2002

Lokahi canoes rally, end Kane'ohe win streak

By Catherine E. Toth
Advertiser Staff Writer

Jennifer Thompson is a Tae-Bo boxer. Theresa Gerry runs marathons. Kanesa Duncan is a champion paddleboarder.

Moki Anderson, front, takes a deep breath after helping Kane'ohe win the mixed open-6 race of the Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club Regatta at Hale'iwa Beach Park.

Eugene Tanner • The Honolulu Advertiser

But put these women into a six-person canoe and they become the best senior crew in Na 'Ohana O Na Hui Wa'a.

The Lokahi senior women have won 42 consecutive races since 1997.

And they don't win by inches.

If yesterday's race was any indicator, Lokahi won its 1 1/2-mile race by 32 seconds. At last week's regatta, it finished nearly a minute ahead of the second-place team.

"Our women," said Lokahi head coach Robert Viernes, "they pretty much dominate."

Lokahi came from behind to win the Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club Regatta yesterday at Hale'iwa Beach Park. With a total of 62 points, the club beat out host Manu O Ke Kai (58) and Kane'ohe (56), which had won the first three Hui Wa'a regattas this season.

Koa Kai won the smaller A division with 30 points.

Lokahi lived up to its name, which means unity in Hawaiian, with enough team effort to move from third place late in the regatta to steal the win.

The Kai Poha Canoe Club's men's golden masters crew won its race yesterday at the Manu O Ke Kai Regatta. Lokahi finished with 62 points to edge Manu O Ke Kai (58) and Kane'ohe (56). Lokahi snapped Kane'ohe's season-opening, three-regatta Hui Wa'a win streak. The next Hui Wa'a regatta will be Sunday at Ke'ehi Lagoon.

Eugene Tanner • The Honolulu Advertiser

Lokahi was aided by victories by its novice men's and women's crews and two disqualifications by Manu O Ke Kai.

Lokahi won only eight events, but earned enough points from crews placing in the top four of races to win its first regatta of the season. Lokahi participated in 26 of the 36 events.

"It's nice to get this monkey off my back," said Viernes, in his first year as head coach.

And it helps to have the senior women, paddlers who work hard, train hard and compete hard.

"There isn't any secret," said Gerry, 31, who has been paddling for Lokahi for two seasons. "We just work very, very hard.

"Lokahi women are different, they're an interesting breed. They're very competitive and driven."

The crew trains four times a week, with longer runs on weekends. On Saturday, the day before the regatta, they paddled for three hours, from Hawai'i Kai to Honolulu Harbor.

"We don't try to focus on (our streak)," said Duncan, 26, a graduate student in zoology at the University of Hawai'i. "We mostly try to focus on staying together. We're focusing on states."

The race for them is more against the time than against the other crews. They want to clock better times than their counterparts in the O'ahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA).

"We have to maintain focus on the state level," Gerry said. "We compare our times with OHCRA."

What sets this crew apart from other sprint crews is most of them are training for long-distance paddling, in particular, races across the Kaiwi Channel.

"It's pretty much a distance program," said Gerry, who has crossed the channel 10 times. "Most of us have our sights sets on paddling the channel ... But I think that makes us more competitive."

Lokahi senior women's crew also includes Dy Valdez, Annette Viernes and Iwa Bush.

But the Lokahi senior women weren't the only female crew who stepped up yesterday.

Manu O Ke Kai's women sophomore crew won, beating the Waikiki Yacht Club by about 14 seconds. After 26 events the Hale'iwa club was in the lead, ahead of Kane'ohe by eight points. Manu O Ke Kai has never won a regatta in its 18-year history.

"We just build ourselves up every week," said Manu O Ke Kai head coach Randy Sanborn, 66, who started the club. "We just get better and better."

Said Kane'ohe head coach Clint Anderson: "They're doing a fantastic job. I know they trained real hard for this regatta."

The next Hui Wa'a regatta is Sunday at Ke'ehi Lagoon.

• • •


• Hui Nalu makes it two: Hui Nalu Canoe Club won its second regatta of the season — this time by just a point — at the Leeward Kai Canoe Club's 33rd annual Father's Day Regatta in Nanakuli.

The Maunalua Bay-based club won its first regatta in six years in the opening race of the O'ahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association season two weeks ago.

Hui Nalu beat Outrigger (69), Lanikai (61), Hui Lanakila (53), Kailua (52), Healani (42) and Keahiakahoe (16).

Waikiki Surf won the A division for smaller clubs with 17 points.

Hui Nalu started off strong, with its youth divisions winning three of the first seven events. Again, the Hui Nalu women came through for the club: The freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, 45 and 55 crews won their events. The club won nine of the 36 races.

The next OHCRA regatta is Sunday in Waimanalo.

• • •


OHCRA Leeward Kai Canoe Club 33rd Annual Father's Day Regatta
At Nanakuli Beach

AA division (18 or more crews): 1, Hui Nalu 70. 2, Outrigger 69. 3, Lanikai 61. 4, Hui Lanakila 53. 5, Kailua 52. 6, Healani 42. 7, Keahiakahoe 16.

A division (17 or fewer): 1, Waikiki Surf Club 17. 2, 'Anuenue 11. 3, Leeward Kai 2. 4, Makaha 2. 5, Waimanalo 1. 6, Pu'uloa 0.



12-younger: 1, Lanikai (Tim Steinmelen, Jason Campbell, Paulo DeAzevedo, Noah Williams, David McMahon, Mike Bronson) 2:00.59. 2, Hui Lanakila 2:30.62. 3, Healani 2:31.78.

13-younger: 1, Keahiakahoe (Jordan Miller, John Kupau, Dustin Hauki, Ivan Aberilla, Kawena Po'omaihealani-Corpuz, Kainoa Ibarra) 2:05.32. 2, Lanikai 2:06.71. 3, Outrigger 2:10.26.

14-younger: 1, Hui Nalu (Cameron Bell, Ryan Miyamoto, Sheldon Herring, Mark Bonner, Sam Higgins, Dru Hara) 1:58.61. 2, Outrigger 2:01.54. 3, Lanikai 2:01.88.


12-younger: 1, Hui Nalu (Noella Cosco, Kari Huwell, Madison Fleming, Melissa Ratzlaff, Kahala Wong, Amanda Chang) 2:24.87. 2, Keahiakahoe 2:25.75. 3, Lanikai 2:26.73.

13-younger: 1, Hui Nalu (Brilin Fleming, Rosie Scott, Miriam Palmore, Missy Jasper, Suzanne Lee, Afton Faria) 2:16.00. 2, Outrigger 2:18.83. 3, Makaha 2:19.46.

14-younger: 1, Lanikai (Kirsten Swanson, Kimber Lau, Arianna Grindle, Jordan Terry, Brooke Steinwascher, Alicia Van Bokhoven) 2:23.18. 2, Outrigger 2:28.41. 3, Hui Lanakila 2:30.59.

Novice B: 1, Hui Lanakila (Alison Beam, Jamie Tinao, Bernie Suafoa, Alohalani Brown, Kelly Nakasone, Rhea Ortega) 2:10.81. 2, Healani 2:11.18. 3, Kailua 2:13.73.


12-younger: 1, 'Anuenue (Ashtyne Rabang, Shayla Napoleon, Anela Ontai, C. Pookela Kapoi, Kaleo Tolentino, Kula Tolentino) 2:18.40. 2, Keahiakahoe 2:23.85. 3, Hui Lanakila 2:24.89.

Novice B: 1, Healani (Sherry Ching, Lance Smith, Ann Matsumoto, Joseph Noonana, Eric DeRuyter, Sandrine Botinelli) 2:01.48. 2, Hui Lanakila 2:03.21. 3, Kailua 2:09.53.

• 1/2-mile


Novice B: 1, Hui Lanakila (Allen Mahuka, Kalani Lee-Kwai, Mark Riegel, Scott Melemai, Robert Keller, Gavin Hanoa) 3:57.22. 2, Kailua 3:59.06. 3, Healani 4:01.12.

15-younger: 1, Outrigger (Moy Christopher, Tairua Marshall, Blaise Dubiel, Taiarii Marshall, Alexander Lin, Tyler Shinn) 4:06.14. 2, Lanikai 4:07.34. 3, Leeward Kai 4:13.09.

16-younger: 1, Lanikai (Time Dolan, Keith Beers, Matt Sullivan, Evan Fujioka, Cale Mechler, Zane Chess) 3:52.93. 2, Outrigger 3:55.92. 3, Hui Nalu 3:58.63.

55-over: 1, Kailua (Paul Gay, Howard Keller, Henry Leandro, Jeff Metzger, Paul Shaner, Mike Watson) 4:02.06. 2, Outrigger 4:10.11. 3, Keahiakahoe 4:14.03.

45-over: 1, Outrigger (Douglas Beckert, Gilbert Vaughan, Michael Schwin, William Lawson, Aka Hemmings, Alan Dowsett) 3:52.44. 2, Kailua 3:55.40. 3, Hui Lanakila 4:00.32.

Open Four: 1, Hui Lanakila (Mel Homer, Ikaika Kincaid, Reid Kawano, Butch Ukishima) 4:14.22. 2, Kailua 4:15.38. 3, Outrigger 4:17.03.


15-younger: 1, Outrigger (Halli Van Lier Ribbink, Jamie Pietsch, Angela Giancaterio, Kellen Fletcher, Ginger Lunt, Adrienne Gaines) 4:46.99. 2, Healani 4:48.47. 3, Keahiakahoe 4:49.92.

16-younger: 1, Outrigger (Lindsey Wessberg, Jennifer Tokin, Sally Torkildson, Alecia Armot, Kai Bourne, Ali Rigg) 4:22.78. 2, Healani 4:27.33. 3, Waikiki Surf 4:28.22.

18-younger: 1, Waikiki Surf (Brooke Calpito, Beth Nakamura, Luukia Keaunui, Krystal Tim Sing, Nohea Arkus, Punihei Anthony) 4:34.41. 2, Lanikai 4:41.47. 3, Outrigger 4:44.98.

Novice A: 1, Healani (Stacey Acma, Fellicia Calleon, Georgina Lillich, Luanne Smith, Anne Neal, Janice Smith) 4:18.09. 2, Waikiki Surf 4:23.65. 3, Hui Nalu 4:26.40.

55-over: 1, Hui Nalu (Jane Lundberg, Lynnette Yoshida, Bea Cesarz, Jane Kirton, Nancy Kilonsky, Mable Hirata) 5:03.60. 2, Kailua 5:09.09. 3, Outrigger 5:17.31.

45-over: 1, Hui Nalu (Jackie Venuta, Lurline McGregor, Pat Chung, Katie Scott, Lindsey Styan, Lita Blankenfeld) 4:29.18. 2, Kailua 4:32.73. 3, Waikiki Surf 4:33.79.

Open Four: 1, Kailua (Amy Hebstreit, Joelle Humel, Cindy Razga, Suzanne Schaeffer) 4:41.40. 2, Hui Nalu 4:45.09. 3, Hui Lanakila 4:46.55.


Open Six: 1, Healani (Rubon Cabeniero, Peter Rodbell, Aimee Rico, Tyra Padello, Lisa West, Napali Woode) 4:11.39. 2, Hui Lanakila 4:13.45. 3, Hui Nalu 4:14.94.

40-over: 1, Lanikai (Cindi Chess, Heidi Nau, Liz Jackson, Cory Mehau, Dennis Sallas, Herman Meek) 4:16.24. 2, Hui Lanakila 4:33.96. 3, Waikiki Surf 4:36.91.

• 1 mile


18-younger: 1, Healani (Harvy Chang, Jarrett Tachibana, Kirk Stensgard, Jeremy Namahoe, Pavin Wright, Kaulana Kama) 7:39.42. 2, Kailua 7:45.64. 3, Outrigger 7:52.91.

Novice A: 1, Hui Lanakila (Jay Griffin, Jeff Juell, Byron Martinez, Richard Stevenson, Scott Shibuya, Adam Treinen-Aea) 7:52.26. 2, Healani 7:53.91. 3, Outrigger 8:02.34.

Freshman: 1, Kailua (Lyle Nicely, Kawai Mahoe, Pat Von, Vai Conner, Kenny Flores, Pat Kawa'aloa) 7:16.78. 2, 'Anuenue 7:26.43. 3, Hui Lanakila 7:30.96.

Sophomore: 1, Lanikai (Mike Judd, Kekoa Bruhn, Kai Bartlett, Ikaika Harbottle, David Daniels, Scott Freitas) 7:30.20. 2, Hui Lanakila 7:34.36. 3, Outrigger 7:36.51.

Junior: 1, Outrigger (David Stackhouse, Luke Estes, Scott Stevenson, Matthew Kresser, Paki Vaughan, Stewart Kawakami) 7:25.23. 2, Lanikai 7:25.76. 3, Hui Lanakila 7:36.56.

35-younger: 1, Lanikai (Jeff Cummings, Peter Binney, Kalani Irvine, Vince Olds, David Smith, Jim Foti) 7:51.46. 2, Outrigger 8:09.52. 3, Hui Nalu 8:13.51.


Freshman: 1, Hui Nalu (Nani Akeo, Sarah Parker, Lilia Kapuniai, Kaykay Clivio, Tracy Taylor, Melissa Totherow) 8:31.47. 2, Lanikai 8:49.96. 3, Kailua 8:52.27.

Sophomore: 1, Hui Nalu (Kelly Allen, Katherine Fuller, Emily Godinet, Gail Kaaialii, Julie Aio, Kaui Pelekane) 8:22.93. 2, Outrigger 8:37.73. 3, Lanikai 9:01.63.

Junior: 1, Hui Nalu (Maile Chong, Tammy Kaneaiakala, Nikki Queyrel, Hoku Johnson, Ginger Lockette, Tina Roque) 8:46.67. 2, Hui Lanakila 8:48.21. 3, Outrigger 9:00.42.

35-over: 1, Kailua (Lesline Conner, Ann Farrell, Donna Kahakui, Tita Kim, Tara Lemley, Carleen Ornellas) 8:55.70. 2, Hui Nalu 9:11.33. 3, Waikiki Surf 9:21.05.

• 1 1/2 mile


Senior: 1, Lanikai (Kai Bartlett, Mike Judd, Pete Binney, Ikaika Harbottle, David Daniels, Jim Foti) 11:08.67. 2, Hui Nalu 11:18.36. 3, Outrigger 11:24.78.


Senior: 1, Hui Nalu (Kelly Allen, Catherine Fuller, Emily Godinet, Gail Kaaialii, Nikki Queyrel, Kaui Pelekane) 13:28.60. 2, Outrigger 13:35.66. 3, Kailua 14:06.10.

• • •

Na 'Ohana O Na Hui Wa'a Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club Regatta
At Hale'iwa Beach


AA division (18 or more crews): 1, Lokahi 62. 2, Manu O Ke Kai 58. 3, Kane'ohe 56. 4, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 50. 5, Waikiki Yacht Club 14.

A division (17 or fewer): 1, Koa Kai 30. 2, Windward Kai 23. 3, Kamehameha 17. 4, Kalihi Kai 14. 5, Waikiki Beach Boys 13. 6, Kai Poha 12. 7, Kumulokahi Elks 9. 8, Hawaiian Outrigger 6. 9, Alapa Hoe 3, 10, I Mua 2.



12-younger: 1, Kane'ohe (Kanoa Chang, Nainoa Kahale, Bobby Pratt, Alika Kekoanui, Micha Peterson, Dane Kimokeo) 2:36.63. 2, Windward Kai 2:40.01. 3, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:42.47.

13-younger: 1, Kumulokahi-Elks (Palani Carden, Stephen Cheng, Christopher Delfico, Michael Vierra, Dewey Mark, Ren Kuwahara) 2:12.02. 2, Kane'ohe 2:16.89. 3, Windward Kai 2:18.25.

14-younger: 1, Kane'ohe (Aaron Abbey, Bruce Calpito, Gino Titus-Luciano, Niko Holler, Jared Ferer, Dane Kimokeo) 2:10.48. 2, Manu O Ke Kai 2:14.39. 3, Windward Kai 2:15.93.


12-younger: 1, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (Jennifer Torres, Kaui Matutino, Ka'inoa Kaleimamahu, Makani Matutino, Irene Reyes, Jasmine Afong) 2:43.53. 2, Windward Kai 2:43.90. 3, Manu O Ke Kai 2:45.83.

13-younger: 1, Hawaiian Outrigger (Alyson Ayers, Malia Samson, Shanadee Canon, Brianne Villarosa, Monica Shiroma, Hale Travis) 2:25.14. 2, Kane'ohe 2:38.75. 3, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:42.07.

14-younger: 1, Manu O Ke Kai (Ashley Smith, Robyn Smith, Christy Magarro, Kyra Sussel, Kelsey Umbay, Tracy Stack) 2:20.02. 2, Kane'ohe 2:20.28. 3, Lokahi 2:33.48.

Novice B: 1, Lokahi (Christina Clinton, Lolly Russell, Carol Silverio, Jennifer Roberts, Laureen Garrido, Lindsay Treska) 2:18.82. 2, Koa Kai 2:19.23. 3, Waikiki Beach Boys 2:21.61.


Specials: 1, Kalihi Kai (Karen Laba, Earl Matsuura, Randy Perez, Roberta Kahihikolo, Janet Houghton, Kenneth Cagata, David Pagan, Joshua Ho, Ginger Brewer, Mariah Murdock, Joey Mohica) 2:26.34. 2, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 2:35.41. 3, Kamehameha 2:39.76.

12-younger: 1, Lokahi (Jeffrey Kahler, Bernice Musrasrik, Tre Martines-Melim, Iris Tobias, Hana Allison, Richard Kahler) 2:38.53. 2, Manu O Ke Kai 2:46.80. 3, Kamehameha 2:49.01.

Novice B: 1, Kai Poha (Kehau Ching, Reid Imai, Daniel Morris, Kimo Kuahine, Audre Lee, Chene Lee) 2:08.39. 2, Manu O Ke Kai 2:10.25. 3, Kane'ohe 2:14.86.

• 1/2-mile


Novice B: 1, Lokahi (Alex Tiedemann, Pio Jimenez, Jon Bretschneider, Rodney Cain, Randy Taylor, Jason Tangalin) 3:49.74. 2, Koa Kai 3:55.72. 3, Manu O Ke Kai 4:03.39.

15-younger: 1, Manu O Ke Kai (T.K. Kawahakui, Justin Dulan, Andrew Madeyski, Wallace Del Rosario, Kaipo Orellano, Kris Seumanutafa) 4:09.69. 2, Kane'ohe 4:18.69. 3, Kumulokahi-Elks 4:28.48.

16-younger: 1, Na Keiki O Ka Moi (Jericho Leedy, Chase Keliipaakaua, Dustin Basconis, Aaron Birn, Raymond Kamaile, Baba Holbron) 3:59.92. 2, Manu O Ke Kai 4:18.64. 3, Lokahi 4:19.19.

Senior Masters (45+): 1, Lokahi (Marshall Giddens, Rodney Ouchi, Mark Inouye, Mark McConnel, Bill Tsuji, Billy Rees) 4:01.68. 2, Koa Kai 4:03.79. 3, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 4:04.48.

Golden Masters (55+): 1, Kai Poha (Hank Taufaasau, Butch Ayau, Bobby Asam, Charley Kamai, Barry Wood, Ralph Hanalei) 4:37.78. 2, Lokahi 4:50.39. Open 4: 1, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (Jason Bellefeuille, BJ Bagood, Kahele Anderson, Greg Pavao) 4:14.22. 2, Waikiki Yacht Club 4:39.04. 3, Manu O Ke Kai 4:40.39.


15-younger: 1, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (Bernadette Ortiz, Lynn-Marie Rodrigues, Jessica Tolentino, Terann Pavao, Vanessa Sonido, Koleka Haia) 4:46.31. 2, Kane'ohe 5:06.27. 3, Kamehameha 5:09.84.

16-younger: 1, Manu O Ke Kai (Lahela Lorenzo, Alexa Corpuz, Robyn Smith, Christy Magarro, Corey Arashiro, Shaina Deprizio) 4:46.86. 2, Kamehameha 4:50.93. 3, Kane'ohe 4:54.12.

18-younger: 1, Kamehameha (Jessica Yokota, Kira Goo, Tessia-Irene Ahai, Kendria Tangzian, Malia Hieb, Tina Kaku) 4:52.39. 2, Alapa Hoe 4:57.53. 3, Kalihi Kai 5:09.04.

Novice A: 1, Manu O Ke Kai (Courtney Heimowitz, Cher Higashihara, Sandy Domion, Jennifer Wright, Molly Weppner, Karen Dykes) 4:44.07. 2, Waikiki Beach Boys 4:45.17. 3, Waikiki Yacht Club 4:46.88.

Senior Masters (45+): 1, Kalihi Kai (Mary Jo Buell, Linda Cox, Dana Fairchild, Linda Tseu, Rebecca Gonzalex, Debi Kelly) 5:04.20. 2, Lokahi 5:25.60. 3, Manu O Ke Kai 5:28.26.

Golden Masters (55+): 1, Lokahi (Carol Hetland, Kathryn Weldon, Meredith Miller, Barbara Keenan, Teena Urban, Darrah Lau-Anderson) 5:45.48. 2, Waikiki Yacht Club 5:47.79. Open 4: 1, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (Chrystal Haia, Nani Haia, Linda Wakatake, Ann Johns) 5:06.53. 2, Koa Kai 5:11.52. 3, Lokahi 5:15.64.


Golden: 1, Manu O Ke Kai (Randy Sanborn, Joe Scallon, Thomas Clarke, Marilyn Schoenke, Peggy Cutting, Darlene Heck) 4:45.78. 2, Windward Kai 4:47.52.

Masters (40+): 1, Kane'ohe (David Aquino, Wanda Brown, Gary Fernandez, Wanda Makishima, Tweetie Anderson, Cory Fukushima) 4:26.38. 2, Koa Kai 4:34.08. 3, Manu O Ke Kai 4:49.41.

Senior Masters (45+): 1, Kalihi Kai (Gilbert Jacoby, Michael Amantiad, Melodie Lane-Reeves, Vince Delapenia, Jennifer Smith, Cindy Kama) 4:40.32. 2, Kamehameha 4:42.47. 3, Kane'ohe 4:48.62.

Open 6: 1, Kane'ohe (Moki Anderson, Hosanna Folk, Dominic Henriques, Sunnie Hess, Philip Kaniho, Tehani Wong) 4:20.05. 2, Windward Kai 4:23.69. 3, Koa Kai 4:26.52.

• 1 mile


18-younger: 1, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (Donald Napierala, Clint Adams, Keoni Kahakelii, John Correa, Sam Kapoi, Baba Holbron) 8:22.66. 2, Kane'ohe 8:37.71. 3, Kumulokahi-Elks 9:30.03.

Novice A: 1, Lokahi (Chris Tseu, Walter Oshiro, Earl Cobb Jr., Rudy Briones, Kenika Terlep, Reagan Agena) 8:22.07. 2, Koa Kai 8:23.17. 3, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 8:46.73.

Freshman: 1, Koa Kai (Jason Corrales, Brian Arzadon, Jeremy Ancheta, John Schubert, Andrew Gomes, Billy Dagulo) 7:55.21. 2, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 7:59.61. 3, Lokahi 8:04.67.

Sophomore: 1, Windward Kai (Kahai Canario, John Cardenas, Landon Bautista, Ron McKee, John Asing, Kui Pai) 10:13.81. 2, Kane'ohe 15:24.51. Masters (35+): 1, Kane'ohe (Ace Esau, Richard Jenny, Jimmy Nakamura, Randy Mercado, Claude Butcher, Greg Quinn) 8:41.87. 2, Lokahi 9:07.88. 3, Manu O Ke Kai 9:25.69.


Freshman: 1, Lokahi (Theresa Gerry, Kini Neal, Kanesa Duncan, Heidi Guth, Nalyne Harada, Iwa Bush) 8:54.35. 2, Waikiki Beach Boys 9:02.34.

Sophomore: 1, Manu O Ke Kai (Ehu Kalulu, Randi Smith, Kelly Rousseau, Mei Lin Park, Vivian Stone, Ernie Allen) 9:41.03. 2, Waikiki Yacht Club 9:55.63. 3, I Mua 11:12.80.

Masters (35+): 1, Kalihi Kai (Loriaynn Bean, Nancy Budd-Atkinson, Folly Murdock, Chana Dimmitt, Jane Duncan, Donna Moore) 9:38.28. 2, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 10:06.04. 3, Waikiki Yacht Club 10:28.49.

• 1 1/2 mile


Senior: 1, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i (Jason Bellefeuille, BJ Bagood, Rolly Padello, Kahele Andeson, Danny Sanchez, Fats Kahoalii) 12:00.86. 2, Koa Kai 12:07.70. 3, Manu O Ke Kai 12:27.42.


Senior: 1, Lokahi (Theresa Gerry, Jennifer Thompson, Dy Valdez, Kanesa Duncan, Annette Viernes, Iwa Bush) 13:57.53. 2, Waikiki Beach Boys 14:29.60. 3, Waikiki Yacht Club 14:41.90.