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The Honolulu Advertiser

Posted on: Saturday, October 26, 2002

Letters to the Editor

Recycling company doing great things

I wanted to comment on a company that is doing great things for this island. O'ahu Community Recycling has provided our residence with curbside recycling pickup for the past two years and donates proceeds to our daughter's school.

It's nice to see that there are businesses out there with the community in mind.

Everyone needs to perpetuate this way of community living and giving here in our beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Jane Tokoro
'Aina Haina

Lingle, Aiona values are clear, consistent

I continue to be amazed at opinions based on old stereotypes and not on truths.

In an Oct. 20 letter, Solray Duncan writes: "We must not sell our values to the valueless Republicans." Is Duncan new to the Islands? Duncan obviously reads The Advertiser and certainly missed all the news of corruption, economic woes and a struggling educational system under a Democrat-led government.

Republican candidates Linda Lingle and Duke Aiona and Hawai'i Republican Party Chairman Micah Kane are individuals with values that are clear and consistent: The government of Hawai'i must serve the people of Hawai'i in a fair and balanced manner and not be a financial windfall for those "lucky" individuals who personally know a senator, a representative or the governor.

Linda Lingle has told her supporters that her administration will not replace the current "old boy network" with her own. Her message to us was very clear: Our support does not entitle us to special favors. It will always be "the best person for the job" and equal treatment regardless of personal, political or special-interest affiliation.

When Duncan writes "Hawai'i's future (is) at stake, not some special interests," she is absolutely correct. But which candidate for governor curries favor to special interests? Should we let old stereotypes form our opinion? Or do we let history point out the truth?

This election will have a profound impact on our future. Please make an informed decision.

Nelson Oyadomari

Don't blame Democrats for homeless problem

Regarding E. Wida's Oct. 23 letter stating that the Democrats are at fault for homelessness: Does Wida work in social services or understand the factors that cause a person to become homeless?

Having worked in social services for 10 years, I know much of the homeless population on O'ahu suffers from disadvantaged backgrounds and serious ailments. Not all are lazy.

Eliminating social service programs, as Republicans intend, will make the homeless problem grow worse. Programs that keep people off the streets and housed will be dropped. Programs to treat mental illness and substance abuse will lose funding.

Homelessness is caused by lack of an education and serious psychological or drug-use issues. Many do not even have a high school education. If Wida wants the homeless problem to grow, go ahead and elect a Republican because elimination of programs will make homelessness an even bigger issue.

Instead of complaining about the homeless, why doesn't Wida offer to volunteer at one of the many agencies dedicated to helping solve homelessness? Problems don't just go away — and we all have a responsibility to do our part.

K. Takayama

Let's get out in front in developing energy

The expansion and economic boom of the 1990s were fueled by the information and computer revolution. That revolution having largely run its course, it's time to look for the next innovations that will fuel the next boom.

It's apparent to me that that development will be the change from a fossil fuel energy system to some form of alternate energy. Our political candidates who are stressing leadership should exert some leadership and get out in front of this movement by appointing a commission to plan or steer these changes.

Hawai'i has the lightest energy cost and also the greatest access to new forms of energy like solar, wind, wave and geothermal; therefore, we are in position to lead in developing alternatives.

Let's get with it. If we can get in the front of these changes, we stand a chance to get some of the research and development monies that will be spent.

I would like to see us set some goals, such as all public vehicles on alternate energy by 2010, all buses and fire trucks by 2012, and all trucks over one ton by 2015.

Ralph A. Schrader

Barbers Point trashy

I was at the old Barbers Point the other day. It is really looking run down. The playground across from the old McDonalds is in horrible shape, with trash all over the place. The grass needs trimming. Who's responsible?

Derek Stephens