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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Thursday, October 31, 2002

Democrats didn't get job done

By Leighton Loo
Mililani resident

The Democratic Party politicians have had absolute power in Hawai'i for 40 years. They have had the overwhelming majorities in both the state House and Senate and have had an unprecedented unbroken string of Democratic governors for more than a generation. So, of course, they also controlled the Judiciary appointments.

They have had the power to push through whatever policies and laws they chose without Republican opposition for four decades. So where has that led us now in this supposed worker's paradise?

While the Democrats made promises of a better life for all these years, the "little people" whom the Democrats claim to represent have to work three or four jobs as a couple to make ends meet.

In Hawai'i, the American Dream of owning your own home is just that: a distant, unrealized dream for too many.

The average Hawai'i couple is trapped between and almost crushed by the very cruel double demons of very low pay and very high cost of living compared to the Mainland.

Some of our best children have to leave us and move to the Mainland to get good jobs.

So in 40 years of absolute Democratic Party rule, why haven't they fixed these problems?

Wouldn't it be better for the union members and all workers if the economy was stimulated and there was a bigger economic pie for everyone? Shouldn't we work to change Hawai'i's decades-long reputation of being hostile to business? Wouldn't it be better to be friendly to those who will provide us with more jobs? Wouldn't you rather be able to choose a career than settle for what you can get in this stagnant economy?

How many years ago did former Democratic governor John Waihee promise an "educational system second to none"? So are we satisfied with libraries with no books and school buildings still badly needing repair and children attending class in bathrooms?

There is no reason to expect better if we keep voting in the same people who have ruled and shaped the state for 40 years.

Despite the usual promise of change, Mazie Hirono has been part of the same ruling class for years and has been the second in command for eight years.Does she really have the will to change after all these years, or does she owe more to the old powers that put her where she is?

Instead of relying on old, tired, prejudiced myths and propaganda about who's for the rich and who's for the poor, open your eyes and see for yourself the Hawai'i history of the past 40 years of Democratic Party rule.

Vote Republican and for Linda Lingle — for your future and your children's future.