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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Saturday, December 27, 2003

Letters to the Editor

Melee tarnished victory

Congratulations to all the players for an exciting Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl. The game was thrilling to watch and showcased Hawai'i for the nation. Sadly, the fight at the end of the game tarnished the victory.

Regardless of who started it, there should be no place in football for such a display. If Coach June Jones wanted to, he could show his players and all of us that he is more than just a coach and is a teacher as well. Jones has the opportunity to teach us all a lesson in sportsmanship by forfeiting the game. He has a chance to send a clear message to all players, coaches and fans that how the game is played is as important as the final score. Sure, the refs may have let the game get too rough, or the other players may have started it, but Jones can set the example for us all by stating that such behavior is unacceptable at any cost.

Coach Jones, which is more important, having another "W" or teaching your players (and all of us) not just how to be better players, but how to be better people?

Alika Campbell

Cocky personality seen

University of Hawai'i Coach June Jones needs to be held accountable for the actions of himself and his team. He likes to blame officials, other teams and everyone else when things go awry.

He has to understand that he's not coaching a pro team. His team has taken on his personality, which is cocky in my opinion. I like winning just as much as the next person, but not at the expense of the university and state's image.

Kevin Chong

Stop mascot's teasing

What embarrassing moments on national TV. University of Hawai'i football does it again. Lesson not learned the last time around.

The university athletic department must enforce harsh disciplinary action for unsportsmanlike conduct. These athletic individuals should be kicked out of the university system for this type of action. Place this type of disciplinary results on these players and see how serious they will take this rule.

Adding to the problem is the Warrior mascot. First of all, he neither represents a Hawaiian warrior, nor is he dressed like one, so why is he there taunting the fans and players on national TV? To add to the insult is his use of trash talking against the opposing team — as if he were speaking for all Hawai'i.

In this already rough sport, the last thing we need is someone there who is taunting and leading other unconscious fans into such behavior.

Get with it, UH athletic department.

Tom Aki

Coach forgot his title

Auwe! For shame that such a highly paid and seemingly much respected leader like Coach June Jones can so easily scapegoat his due diligence on the refs of the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl. If I am not mistaken, Jones' title is "coach." If he cannot control his players, what's the sense in paying him more than half a million a year?

Maybe there should be a $50,000 penalty to his contract in lieu of other such consequential benefits as bonuses for mediocre academic performance. Hmmm ... something to ponder. No?

Howard Chi

Justice not served in Shane Mark verdict

I can hardly put into words how I feel about the verdict that was given in the Shane Mark trial.

Glen Gaspar, a police officer, whose job was to keep the public safe, gave his life in the line of duty. This is the ultimate sacrifice a police officer can give. Officer Gaspar gave his life trying to arrest a dangerous felon who was wanted for shooting at and trying to kill two other citizens. Officer Gaspar was shot and killed trying to apprehend a dangerous criminal, who, if allowed to remain free, would probably kill or try to kill again.

I believe that justice was not served with this verdict. I can't even begin to understand why the jury failed to reach verdicts on three other charges.

I don't understand a lot of things that happened in this trial, but I do know one thing: Officer Glen Gaspar was my friend, and he is no longer with us. I wanted to honor him by going to his grave site and telling him justice was served, but I won't be able to do that, now or ever.

Michael Cusumano

What's Gabbard thinking with landfill proposal?

Well, I see Councilman Mike Gabbard is at it again. According to the "Mainland landfill option studied" article Dec. 22, Gabbard wants to send our solid waste to the Mainland at additional cost to Hawai'i taxpayers. Don't we already have enough taxes without unnecessary expenditures to ship our trash to the Mainland?

Now here's the best part, which doesn't make much sense to me: Gabbard wants to personally travel to tour at least two landfill facilities on the Mainland. I wonder who is going to pay for Gabbard's trips? And what difference does it make what the landfill sites look like anyway? Once the trash leaves Hawai'i — which, I hope, it doesn't, because of added costs — who cares?

A city task force has already recommended four possible sites for a new landfill right here in Hawai'i. So it sure seems like Gabbard is way out in right field again on this one.

Walter Mahr