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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Friday, July 25, 2003

Honolulu model works hard to stay fit

By Paula Rath
Advertiser Staff Writer

Honolulu model Susie Fried combines aerobic exercise with weights workouts.

Deborah Booker • The Honolulu Advertiser

Think fashion models are wimps or waifs who eat nothing and eschew exercise? That's seldom so. Models have to work to keep those figures svelte. Honolulu model Susie Fried sets a great example.

Age: It's a secret, but she looks at least 10 years younger than she is.

Profession: Model.

Height/Weight: 5 feet 7 inches/117 pounds.

Workout habits: Aerobic exercise five or six days a week, either running Diamond Head, spinning class or tennis. Weight room six days a week with machines and free weights using as much resistance as possible.

When and why I started working out: I was a flight attendant traveling to Europe six to eight times a month and found that I had put on a few pounds. On my days off, I began going to aerobics classes at the Y in Boston.

My good foods/bad foods: I am very disciplined. ... I avoid sugars altogether and limit carbohydrates. My diet consists primarily of fruits, vegetables and protein. Everything they tell you to do is true and works.

Biggest motivator: The compliments I receive encourage me to maintain my weight and physical activity. In addition, I know that my commitment to exercise over the years has contributed to my overall health and well being.

Biggest roadblock to fitness: None. I see myself maintaining a high level of activity for the rest of my life.

Next challenge: To maintain my strength and stamina as long as I can (I don't aspire to any Ironmans, for sure) by continuing my commitment to exercise.

Advice for those in the same boat: First, find something you truly enjoy, be it running or swimming or paddling or bicycling or whatever, so that you stick with it. Second, find a workout partner so that you can motivate each other.