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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Friday, November 14, 2003

Groom blogs

• The Wedding Planner's Web log

By Tanya Bricking
Advertiser Staff Writer

Thursday, Nov. 13, 2003

Two weeks to go before I can leave all this wedding-planning business behind. I can't wait.

Neither can my groom. I think he has had enough of my "going bridal" moments and enough of me writing about our lives. Little did he know back when we began dating that I would stockpile things he says and put them in print. Love is a beautiful thing.

At dinner last night, I pulled out my newly constructed wedding-day timeline to go over the details. His eyes didn't even glaze over when I asked what time he thought we should pop the champagne, cut the cake and have the first dance. He seemed genuinely grateful that I had thought about it and written it down.

The night before, we spent several hours working on the programs. He put the finishing touches on them, punching holes in each one and helping me tie them with pieces of raffia that were a light shade of sage. I'm not sure he had even used the word "sage" before our engagement. Now he could create a new line of color names for Crayola.

Lucky for him, these wedding blogs are ending next week. So we can go on with our lives, and maybe I'll write about him only occasionally.

But for the wed blog addicts out there, I've discovered something that could fill the void in your lives: groom blogs.

Who says this has to be all about the bride?

Salon.com put me onto sites such as:

  • PlanetGordon.com — This is the diary of the days leading up to a television writer's wedding in August 2004.
  • www.themightygeek.com — It's from a guy who will marry an MTV online producer in January, and
  • jjv.blogspot.com — This one's from radio journalist J.J. Sutherland, acting assistant managing editor for National Public Radio West.

A quick Internet search produced other groom-blog banter:

This hasn't been the way my guy has chosen to vent. I'm not sure what he's gone and told his buddies about my obsessions over wedding details. Maybe he's spared me and said nothing.

He'll get his chance next week. The last word in this blog will belong to him.

Tanya Bricking writes about relationships for The Advertiser. She'll post more two more blogs next week, on Tuesday and Friday, and she'll give the last word to her husband-to-be, who will write his own blog from the groom's perspective. Look for it a week from today. Then wish them well as they go get hitched.

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