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The Honolulu Advertiser

Posted on: Sunday, January 23, 2005

Honorable mention for your mentor

Advertiser Staff

Was there someone in your life — a teacher, coach, relative, neighbor, friend or boss — who encouraged you and showed you the ropes? That person was a mentor, and now's the time to say thanks.

January is National Mentoring Month, and the Harvard Mentoring Project is urging people to thank their mentors and become mentors to other young people.

To find out more about the project and about Thank Your Mentor Day on Jan. 25, visit www.whomentoredyou.org.

Baby's first year a 10-inch gain

In the first year of life, the average baby grows 10 inches and triples his or her birth weight.

Ways to keep youngsters busy

Still looking for ways to entertain stir-crazy kids on a rainy day? From Parenting magazine:

ITurn bare feet into tap shoes by taping quarters to the balls and heels of your child's feet. (Yours too!) Then play dancing music and let loose on the floor.

• Tie a rope through the handle of a laundry basket to turn it into a wagon, then let your toddler shuttle stuffed animals around the room.

• See how high your child can jump, how fast he can roll across the floor, how many hops he can do on one foot and how far he can leap. Record his feats with a timer and measuring tape.

Beating those morning blahs

Having a hard time getting up in the morning? Try these tips:

• Try not to think about everything you have to do before 8 a.m., or it will make you want to crawl right back under the covers.

• Stretch.

• Don't skip breakfast.

• Open a window or go outside to get the paper, and take a big breath of fresh air.

• Change clothes. You'll feel more awake if you're not wearing the same thing you slept in.

• Drink water before you get out of bed. Put it in an insulated mug the night before so it's cold enough to give you a jolt.