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Posted on: Sunday, May 22, 2005

K-Dramas: The sagas continue

 •  Cultural cues help with Korean soaps
Should they get married?
Should Se-jin and Seung-wan, from "Wonderful Life," get married because of the unexpected baby even if they do not love each other?
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By Jeff Chung

Ode to the Han River

Last Week's Poll

In "Emperor of the Sea," who can make Jung-hwa happier, Yum Moon or Jang Bogo?

Advertiser voters pick Jang Bogo, casting 206 for Jang Bogo and 72 for Yum Moon.

Tonight, 7 and 8 p.m. (episodes 43 and 44)

7 p.m. — Soo-young is not comfortable with Mom's relationship with Choong-gul, and Na-young is upset Soo-young gave him the cold shoulder. Mom visits a doctor for her stomach problems.

8 p.m. — Ga-young overhears Dan-ok scold Joon-mi. Dan-ok talks to Ga-young about her relationship with Joon-mi. Ryul and Jae-hyuk are grieved by Ryul's father's death.

Wonderful Life 3

Monday and Tuesday, 7:50 p.m. (episodes 3 and 4)

Monday — Se-jin works up courage to go to a pharmacy to buy a home pregnancy test kit but runs into Do-hyun.

Tuesday — Il-jin shows up at Seung-wan's father's birthday party. The two families discuss the future of the relationship between Se-jin and Seung-wan.

Super Rookie 3

Wednesday and Thursday, 7:50 p.m.; episodes 3 and 4

Wednesday — The family rejoices when Kang-ho passes the written test. Hyun-ah invites Bong-sam to a rich boys' club. Kang-ho runs into Mi-ok.

Thursday — Kang-ho has his doubts about his perfect score on the test. His first day at work, Kang-ho says a friendly hi to Mi-ok and gets a strange response.

Emperor of the Sea 25

Friday and Saturday, 7:50 p.m.

Friday — Jang Bogo ambushes Yi Sa-do's camp, but Yum Moon attempts to run away with Jung-hwa. Captured Yi Sa-do is brought to Jang Bogo, who is faced with more decisions.

Saturday — Madam Jami shows up in Yangzhou with Chang-gyum, who has become the governor of Mujinju, to purchase silk for the Shilla's imperial household. Madam Jami's appearance causes discord among Yangzhou merchants.