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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Saturday, April 22, 2006

Love, not science, transforms

By Amy Brown

Seeing through the eyes of the spirit will ignite the world to love; world religions will unite in a common belief of loving God and their neighbor. Uniting the spirit of mankind toward universal love will do more than all the money, food and politics combined.

Feed souls because fed spirits will never let another person go physically hungry.

Wars will cease because inner beauty will abound. Character from within and not exterior features will be the new measure of beauty and worth. Treasures born of loving deeds shall then be valued more than gold, trophies, looks or glittery goods.

Life will follow a meaningful path and not be squandered in narcissistic self-serving that results in unhappy, unfulfilled and suffering people. Altruism will surface as people transform their values from ego-driven lives to lives lived in love. Time teaches all truth and the time has come to become a spiritually-based world living in love ... of God, your neighbor and all of life.

It has taken me half a lifetime to learn these lessons. I have found that discovering reality requires an open mind as well as a heart of faith. The vast majority of universities have eliminated the latter in their narrow-mindedness. Scientists in their prideful zeal to seek only the facts have followed centuries of investigative thought that failed to investigate itself.

The scientific method relies on the conviction that all truths will be determined by the process of stating hypotheses, making observations, collecting data, testing and arriving at conclusions. The one flaw in this approach is that it is necessary to accept only those observations based on the five senses.

Perhaps this universe is based on more than just the five senses of our minute world. There is a touch that is beyond touch, and I firmly believe in God.

In my extensive readings to seek the truth, I have read Bertrand Russell's essay on "Why I Am Not a Christian." He was sincere in his belief, but it remains a belief. Just as much faith is necessary to be an unbeliever as it is to be a believer. Would you believe that 26 random letters of the alphabet could blow up in a dynamite factory and fall back down into an ordered, understandable form of a complete dictionary? About 22 amino acids form the language of life itself, and yet it is thought to be completely random.

Science continues to rule on reputation rather than reason. Truth is silent, and only in silence does its true explanation start to unfold. God can only be understood by the heart, and experienced within.

Ideally, our universities would blend intellectual pursuit with the pursuit of ultimate truth. That would combine the world's dichotomous view of life into a whole the true state of nature and its creator.

Amy Brown is a nondenomenational Christian, a member at New Hope Diamond Head, and founder of Love Lives, LLC, a nonprofit organization promoting global love of God and others. Expressions of Faith is a column that welcomes submissions from pastors, priests, lay workers and other leaders in faith. E-mail faith@honoluluadvertiser.com or call 525-8035. Articles submitted to The Advertiser may be published or distributed in print, electronic or other forms.