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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry little Christmas wishes for Hawai'i stars

By Wayne Harada
Advertiser Columnist

Horace Dudoit III

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Karen Keawehawai'i

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Nohelani Cypriano

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'Twas the week before Christmas

And all over Hawai'i

Santa was decorating

With maile and laua'e.

His shopping was pau,

His long list checked twice;

He was ready to deliver

To the naughty and nice.

For Mayor Mufi Hannemann

He found one Samoan-sized pail

To scoop up the sewage

While pondering the rail.

A high voter confidence

For Gov. Linda Lingle;

For Lt. Gov. "Duke" Aiona?

A higher-office tingle.

For Keali'i Reichel

Maluhia that simple.

For Manu, Glen, Chris?

A Horace-like dimple.

A return to the showrooms

At Waikiki hotels:

For The Caz? For Danny Couch?

For Makaha Sons? Ring bells!

For Frank DeLima that diet

To keep off the pounds;

And more gems like "Bad Day"

From his songwriter Downes.

Some more "Hawai'i Stars"

For Carole and Kimo;

For all the "Lost" actors

A personalized limo.

A huge maile lei

For Jim "Gollee" Nabors.

For 10 years he's showered us

With his kindness and favors.

Another blockbuster

For filmdom's Chris Lee.

And more on-set jobs

To build UH esprit.

For QB Colt Brennan

A Heisman next year;

For coach June Jones

All wins would be dear.

A very healthy heart

For venerable Don Ho;

A cheer for wife Haumea

Who brings out his glow.

For North Shore's Jack Johnson

That Grammy respect.

A trophy for Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom

Even Henry Kapono, heck.

What about that CD

By "Idol" Camile?

For Jasmine Trias?

Any movie would thrill.

For Jordan Segundo

Another stage lead;

For Hapa a Grammy

Would be happy indeed.

For the Society of Seven

In Las Vegas and here:

A weeklong swap

Would add fan-base veneer.

For the Hawaii Opera,

Big houses, big names;

For the Honolulu Symphony a home

For the guys and the dames.

For Jimmy Borges more crooning

His voice so supreme;

For Karen Keawehawai'i?

More head flowers extreme.

For Shimabukuro and Ohta

Nonbreaking uke strings;

For Melveen and Sonya

Bring on the bling blings.

For Kit Samson, the pianist,

Just basic and precise:

A regrouping, with regularity,

Of his ol' Sound Advice.

For our Broadway show actors

Like Doug Kreeger, Jason Tam;

More roles, more curtain calls

In a life full of glam.

For Joey Caldarone

Who is Broadway-bound, too.

A role like Chris Jones'

In "Jersey Boys" will do.

More licensed exposure

For "Rainbow" by Bruddah Iz;

Kudos to Mountain Apple

For monitoring the biz.

A statue in Kalihi

For laffmeister Augie T;

For Andy, residuals

For "All in the 'Ohana." Whee!

A breather from movies

For Eddie Kamae;

For Jack and Cha Thompson

More keiki (hanai).

For Loretta Ables Sayre?

A return to the mike.

Copperfield in the audience

Watching Hirokawa. Like?

Auntie Genoa and Raiatea

An "Alika" duet

Would surely be gangbusters

No worry, no sweat.

More show biggies

For Marek and Jacky;

For Tom and Tim, too:

Only classy, not tacky.

More captures, more book-'ems

For "Dog" Chapman, unlocked.

A home-shot movie

For the bold one, The Rock.

More ki ho'alu triumphs

For Charles Michael Brotman.

For Boller and Rivers

Hot movies. Lots, man.

For diminutive Channing

And actors like Shawna

May an auditioner tap you

For theater roles. Wanna?

For keyboarder Conover

A clean bill of health;

For Vegas-bound Cabang?

Megabucks! Huge wealth!

For Audy Kimura

More commercial jingles;

For Brickwood Galuteria?

Hana hou broadcast tingles?

For Matt Catingub, what else

But love songs galore?

For Paul Ogata? Something serious:

A return to our shore.

Big shows for Smith,

For Rampage, for Martin,

For Holowach, for Maltby

For Wong to get startin'.

'Ilima for Na Palapalai

Maile for Makana,

Ginger for Paiva

Pakalana for Olomana.

For Jonathan Von Brana

The ol' Elvis jiggle;

For Jonathan Kaina

Likewise, the wiggle.

For The Krush, more gigs;

For Kaleo, more laughter.

For Lee Cataluna

Applause from the rafter.

More specials, big ratings

For Emme and Phil;

For Michael and Larry?

Paychecks in the mil.

For Burton wing space

For his Hawai'i Theatre hall;

For Ron Bright, more students

Who earn Broadway's call.

For Tia Carerre

Just mommy time, please;

For Jack Ci-one, Mardi Gras

With its visual tease.

For Gail Mack, the Haugens,

Nohelani, Jay Larrin;

More CDs, less down time.

Think fertile, not barren.

A Hoku for Afatia

And one for Backyard Pa'ina.

And it's been some time for Kapena.

Nothing would be finah.

For Keola and Kapono Beamer?

Good wishes for mom Nona.

(And her fans send aloha,

From Kilauea to Kona).

And count in Maunalua,

Aaron Sala, Vaihi, 'Ale'a

For concert work plenty

Not over there, over hea.

For Hamada, Kolivas,

Stevens and McCall

Hot jazz. Cool notes.

May your sounds pack the hall.

For Millie and Fran,

That epicurean pair.

Contentment and bliss

With chocolate debonair.

More drama on stage

For that Moore fella Joe;

And for Lisa Matsumoto?

Why, pidgin hana hou.

Ten o'clock strength

For Gennaula and Tucker;

Their Channel 9 news

Has been the trend-bucker.

For Sai, for Kaleikini,

Two veteran pros.

Maybe a sing-out together

Would be the bloom on the rose.

For Roy, Keo, Russell,

DK, Beverly, Mavro;

For Sam, Chai, Wayne:

Just a unified "bravo."

For Bonnie and Lisa,

Lynette, Mona, too;

For Aubrey, Donna, David,

Just clients. Beaucoup.

For Barefooters Willie and Eric

For Fuga and O-shen;

National attention

Across the Pacific Ocean.

For Robi and Jeff,

For Daniel Ho, John Cruz,

For Kahumoku, the Pahinuis:

May your music not snooze.

For all the "Nutcracker" 'ohana

And hula halau, too:

We thank you for sharing

Your imaginative brew.

To you, loyal readers

You Mr. and Ms.

Mele Kalikimaka ...

And that's Christmas Show Biz.

Show Biz is published Tuesdays and Thursdays. Reach Wayne Harada at 525-8067, wharada@honoluluadvertiser.com or fax 525-8055.