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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Friday, January 6, 2006

Tube Notes

By Mike Hughes
Gannett News Service


KHNL News 8's Marvin Buenconsejo continues our series of special reports called Lucky You Live Hawai'i. Each week we'll profile a different community and some of the unique things that make it a great place to live. That's tonight on KHNL News 8.

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"In Justice," 8 p.m., ABC. The great court shows get us to care passionately about the case. This episode of "In Justice" the first in its regular time slot does that quickly and powerfully. A man has been convicted of killing people in a jewelry store robbery. His last chance involves a law firm specializing in people who may have been wrongly convicted. It's a tough case, with an extra question: If he didn't do it, who was the second man committing the robbery? This is a smart story, told with passion. Kyle MacLachlan stars as a rich and flashy lawyer who uses his money to finance this second-chance project. Episodes like this remind us of "The Practice" at its best.

"Battlestar Galactica" season-opener, 8 p.m., Sci-Fi Channel. From a bad old TV show, "Galactica" has been remade into a terrific one. The robotic Cylons have taken over, with humans fleeing in a ragtag fleet. Now they're fighting among themselves. A second fleet of humans has surfaced, with a steel-willed commander (Michelle Forbes). She outranks the Galactica commander (Edward James Olmos), leading to a crisis. As she prepares to execute two Galactica soldiers, he has sent two ships to rescue or attack. Things get more complicated in a story that concludes next week. Carved from powerful human portraits, "Galactica" is strong drama.


"Stargate, SG-1" season-opener, 6 p.m., Sci Fi Channel. The stakes are high after the evil Ori plant a virus that could engulf Earth. Now comes a desperate effort to break their cultlike followers, including one played by Lou Gossett. This is a solid, serious story ... if we can follow it. Stuffed with words and phrases that are specific to the series, the show is difficult for newcomers to join. At times, people seem almost to be talking in code.

"Dancing With the Stars," 7 p.m., ABC. Here's the first results show from the new season.

"Stargate: Atlantis" season-opener, 7 p.m., Sci Fi Channel. As the story starts, the crew is held captive and coming off the effects of a fierce enzyme. More complications follow, in a so-so episode.

"Hope & Faith," 7:30 p.m., ABC. Faith's advice about her sister's sex life works well maybe too well.

"The Book of Daniel," 8 p.m., NBC. An Episcopalian priest (Aidan Quinn) has some family complications lots of them. At times, "Daniel" hits overload, dumping every human complexity into the first two hours; only "Desperate Housewives" can pull that off. Still, it works because of the show's quick and quirky humor, its superb cast and the presence of Jesus, in conversations with Quinn. Those scenes warm, loving, sometimes funny make "Daniel" special. So does a great supporting cast, including Ellen Burstyn, Susanna Thompson and Alison Pill.

"Close to Home," 8 p.m., CBS. The wife of a prominent surgeon is a murder suspect, but the evidence seems a bit too convenient.

"Numb3rs," 9 p.m., CBS. An undercover FBI agent has been killed. Was it coincidence, or was his cover blown?