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Posted on: Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Outrigger Canoe Club is host with most

Macfarlane Regatta photo gallery

By Dayton Morinaga
Advertiser Staff Writer

Outrigger Canoe Club's Macfarlane Regatta-record 117 points included a victory by its junior men's crew at Waikiki Beach.

REBECCA BREYER | The Honolulu Advertiser

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Lanikai beat Hui Lanakila by six seconds to win the prestigious senior men's race.

REBECCA BREYER | The Honolulu Advertiser

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The Outrigger Canoe Club put on a display of paddling fireworks to win the 64th annual Walter J. Macfarlane Regatta yesterday at Waikiki Beach.

Outrigger surprisingly dominated the regatta, winning 15 races and establishing a Macfarlane Regatta record with 117 points.

"This regatta is an Outrigger tradition," Outrigger head coach Byron Ho said. "There are basically two events we focus on as a club during the regatta season, and that's the Macfarlane and the states (championship regatta). Sometimes, in that order."

The Macfarlane Regatta is the longest running canoe-paddling event in the state, and Outrigger is the annual host club. Outrigger has won it three times in the past five years.

"Traditionally, Outrigger builds for this race, so it's not that surprising to see them do this," Lanikai head coach Kalani Irvine said.

Lanikai finished second with 86 points, and Kailua was third with 72.

Prior to yesterday, Outrigger had not scored more than 63 points or finished higher than third in any regatta this year.

"I think the thing for us is that we have a lot of talented steersmen to choose from," Ho said. "That makes a big difference in this (regatta)."

As part of Macfarlane tradition, each club gets to use open steersmen in every race. The theory is that the experienced steersmen will help keep the canoes on course in the unpredictable Waikiki surf.

Waves were only 1-foot high yesterday, so the key was to take advantage of the small swells.

"Just one little bump can make the difference between winning and losing," said Jimmy Austin, who steered two Outrigger crews to victory. "It's not the best of conditions, so it's real technical."

Nine different Outrigger members steered to victory: Austin, Zachary Payne, Robert Beck, Karel Tresnak Jr., Jim Beaton, Marc Haine, Billy Balding, Walter Guild and Kisi Haine.

"We didn't have to stretch anybody," Ho said. "Some clubs have only two or three steersmen, so they're doing every race. Our guys got to rest between races."

Beaton steered to a regatta-high three victories.

"It's a blast to steer with different crews, especially the kids," he said. "They have so much excitement. That's what makes this regatta so enjoyable for everybody."

Outrigger was especially effective in the masters races, winning the men 40-older, women 40-older, men 50-older, women 50-older, men 55-older and women 60-older races.

Outrigger capped the successful day by winning the women 40-older race ... twice.

The first time, Outrigger won the 1-mile race by a large margin, but officials called for a re-start because the turn-buoys were inadvertently cut loose during the race.

The second time, the Outrigger crew of Traci Phillips, Jennifer Bossert, Donna Kahakui, Tiare Richert-Finney and Lisa Irish was steered by Austin to another convincing victory (only the second victory counted toward the official standings).

Lanikai won eight races, including the prestigious men's senior race. The crew of Kekoa Bruhn, John Foti, Aaron Creps, Zane Chess, George Leslie and Jim Foti completed the 1 1/2-mile course in 10 minutes, 47.98 seconds.

Hui Lanakila came in next, six seconds later.

"This is a special race," John Foti said. "The whole time you're out there, you're pushing. Even when there's no (waves), you pretend there are so you push harder."

As part of another Macfarlane tradition, the Lanikai men's senior crew got to sip celebratory champagne out of the Walter Macfarlane Memorial Trophy at the awards ceremony.

It was the 11th time in 14 years that Lanikai won the men's senior race at the Macfarlane Regatta.

"This was a memorable one because we had some guys in there who normally wouldn't be in there," John Foti said. "A lot of our other guys are not out yet, and some others had to work today, so we put together this crew and still pulled it out."

Hui Lanakila won the prestigious women's senior race for the first time in club history.

The crew of Jessie Eames, Gail Grabowsky, Seraphina Eames, Jane McKee and Arlene Holzman was steered to victory by Scott Hendricks. Their winning time of 11:51.78 beat runner-up Outrigger by 32 seconds.

"We never let up the whole time," Seraphina Eames said. "We weren't even looking at where the other (crews) were, we just focused and kept pushing."

It was also a sense of redemption for the Hui Lanakila women. At last year's Macfarlane Regatta, Hui Lanakila was leading the women's senior race when it collided with another canoe to drop out of contention.

"We want to win every race we enter, but there's something about drinking out of that cup that makes this one special," Seraphina Eames said.

Like the Lanikai men, the Hui Lanakila women got to drink champagne out of the winning trophy.

Hui Lanakila finished the regatta with 25 points, and tied with Keahiakahoe for the A division championship. The A division is for smaller clubs in the OHCRA organization.

Because the Macfarlane Regatta allows open steersmen, the results will not count toward qualification for the state championship regatta on Aug. 5.

However, Outrigger's performance yesterday may have sent a warning to the rest of the OHCRA clubs.

Outrigger's Ho said: "We can't do this every week, but we're close to getting a lot of people back."

Lanikai's Irvine said: "It's nice to see Outrigger up there. It's good for the sport. But we know that makes it tougher for us."



At Waikiki

AA Division (18 or more crews)

1, Outrigger 117 points. 2, Lanikai 86. 3, Kailua 72. 4, Hui Nalu 25. 5, Healani 18.

A Division (17 or fewer crews)

1-tie, Hui Lanakila 25 points; Keahiakahoe 25. 3, 'Anuenue 18. 4, Leeward Kai 16. 5, New Hope 9. 6, Waimanalo 8; Waikiki Surf 8. 8-tie, Keola o Ke Kai 1; Pu'uloa 1; Kai Oni 1; Honolulu 1. 12, Makaha 0.

1/4 mile

Female—12: 1, Waikiki Surf (Kamanao Baligad, Haunani Carvalho, Kalena Kelii-Espindola, Uilani Perry, Kaleihiwa Naauao, Ron Lee) 1:47.60. 2, Lanikai 1:49.31. 3, Outrigger 1:49.82. 13: 1, Outrigger (Molly McMahon, Leilani Doktor, Shayla Hixson, Juliana Behrens, Annabel Bowler, Zachary Payne) 1:43.37. 2, Kailua 1:44.02. 3, Waimanalo 1:46.16. 14: 1, Outrigger (Jasmine Daniel, Macy McMahon, Tia Haworth, Lindsey Wlbur, Malia Shimmelfenning, Jimmy Austin) 1:55.77. 2, Keahiakahoe 1:56.28. 3, 'Anuenue 1:57.80. Novice B: 1, New Hope (Pualani Domingo, Rooke Keliipuleole, Jessica Robings, Leimomi Sing, Quyen Vego, Kanani Williams) 1:45.07. 2, Lanikai 1:45.38. 3, Healani 1:46.53.

Male—12: 1, Kailua (Kai Singlehurst, Justin Cornair, Kaleo Poole, Michael Dowsett, Nai'a Singlehurst, Keli Heen) 1:45.06. 2, Waimanalo 1:45.44. 3, Lanikai 1:46.24. 13: 1, Leeward Kai (Dayne Van Gieson, Kainoa Yunson, William Kaio, Daniel Rzonca, Dyson Hoohuli, Ryan Van Gieson) 1:37.40. 2, Keahiakahoe 1:37.73. 3, Waikiki Surf 1:38.21. 14: 1, Kailua (Chas Bautista, Kupu Henderson, Kupono Kanehailua, Jackson Stogner, Kealii Paaoao, Jim Mahoe Kawai) 1:40.65. 2, Outrigger 1:40.92. 3, Lanikai 1:42.31.

Mixed—12: 1, 'Anuenue (Loyalson Kaleiohi, Kanoa Kaleoaloha, Jaymi Judd, Kamalolo Koanui-Kong, Mahealani Napoleon, Darryn Napoleon) 1:41.62. 2, Lanikai 1:41.90. 3, Leeward Kai 1:44.33. Novice B: 1, Keahiakahoe (Mark Mayo, Walter Enos, Mita Tuisavura, Lovely Lanvao, Leilani Lealaimatafao, Ty Fu) 1:44.70. 2, Lanikai 1:48.11. 3, Healani 1:49.11.

1/2 mile

Female—15: 1, Kailua (Mazy Iwaki, Kristen Kaiehane, Kanoe Kalama-Malani, Lindsey Shannon, Lauren Au, Pat Von) 4:06.51. 2, Keahiakahoe 4:16.57. 3, Outrigger 4:17.89. 16: 1, Kailua (Haaheo Sai, Cortney Singlehurst, Kikolani Martinez, Shivanni Stephenson, Brittani Morse, Benny Quitevis) 4:15.67. 2, Healani 4:15.88. 3, Outrigger, no time reported. 18: 1, Outrigger (Elise Anderson, Robin Beck, Leigh Cullinan, Jean Cullinan, Linnea Schuster, Karel Tresnak) 4:03.75. 2, Healani 4:15.50. 3, Hui Nalu 4:15.72. Fours: 1, Kailua (Kristen Brooks, Kristen Mailheau, Leyla Samimi, Kelii Heen) 4:28.26. 2, Outrigger 4:28.77. 3, Lanikai 4:29.25. 50: 1, Outrigger (Lori McCarney Darcy Iams, Maile Ostrem, Alice Lunt, Wendy Wichman, Walter Guild) 4:02.11. 2, Lanikai 4:03.60. 3, 'Anuenue 4:04.04. 55: 1, Lanikai (Judy Allen, Mauliola Aspelund, Leina'ala Davis, Pamela Monahan, Joy Schoenecker, Michael Smith) 4:27.55. 2, Outrigger 4:46.23. 3, Hui Nalu 4:51.90. 60: 1, Outrigger (Susan Heitzman, Ann Bowen, Carol Cook, Sandra Simons, Gerri Pedesky, Marc Haine) 4:00.71. 2, Kailua 4:24.82. 3, 'Anuenue 4:25.91. Novice A: 1, Kailua (Mele Coelho, Dricka Brown, Gina Uehara, Lisa Hyde, Jayte Brock, Mike Willett) 4:11.86. 2, Outrigger 4:15.22. 3, Lanikai 4:18.79.

Male—15: 1, Leeward Kai (Kamuela Yunson, Caizian Nauka, Kevin Ki'ili, Keli'i Adams, Casey Cullen, Keola Wright) 3:52.34. 2, Kailua 3:56.37. 3, Outrigger 3:56.95. 16: 1, Outrigger (Simeon Ke Paloma, Ryan Harrison, Reece Haine, Joshua Figueira, Todd Bradley, Robert Beck) 3:35.83. 2, Lanikai 3:46.17. 3, Leeward Kai 3:46.58. Fours: 1, Lanikai (Ethan Creps, Colin Garrett, Kalei Macomber, Nahina Leeloy) 4:01.96. 2, Keahiakahoe 4:05.03. 3, Outrigger 4:08.24. 50: 1, Outrigger (Murray Hixson, Barnaby Robinson, Jim Iams, John Finney, Bill Meheula, Karel Tresnak) 3:37.71. 2, Lanikai 3:49.44. 3, New Hope 3:52.23. 55: 1, Outrigger (Ken Bailey, Thomas Arnott, William Mowat, Douglas Bechert, Chris Crabb, Billy Balding) 3:45.41. 2, Lanikai 3:48.97. 3, Waimanalo 3:51.52. 60: 1, Lanikai (Fred Hemmings, Shaka Madali, George Medeiros, William Monahan, Tay Perry, William Watson) 4:00.98. 2, Hui Lanakila 4:01.71. 3, 'Anuenue 4:02.90. Novice B: 1, Kailua (Eroc Tincher, Brian Bagunolo, Cody Acura, Daijo Kaneshiro) 3:46.30. 2, Outrigger 3:59.17. 3, Hui Nalu 4:00.71.

Mixed—55: 1, Outrigger (Maureen Kilcoyne, Barbara Bryan, Charles Heitzman, George Wessberg, Raynard Suganuma, Kristin Haine) 4:11.16. 2, 'Anuenue 4:11.63. 3, Kailua 4:12.97. 40: 1, Lanikai (Cindi Chess, Torrey Goodman, Kelly Smith, Kalani Irvine, Derek Leeloy, Zane Chess) 4:08.14. 2, Outrigger 4:11.88. 3, Kailua 4:15.68. Men & Women: 1, Kailua (Roger Bradley Jesse Machado, Naiche Kennedy, Corrie Rimell, Lisa Barney, Kristi Kahale) 3:59.98. 2, Keahiakahoe 4:00.32. 3, Lanikai 4:01.06.

1 mile

Female—Freshman: 1, Lanikai (Jory Kim, Amber Kuhlmann, Kimberly Morris, Nicole Radford, Kimberly Tice, John Foti) 8:28.69. 2, Outrigger 8:38.30. 3, Kailua 8:40.68. Sophomore: 1, Kailua (Tina Hardley, Drae Kahale-Clemens, Shannon Van Gieson, Dale Omohundro, Angela Britten, Pat Von) 8:09.42. 2, Outrigger 8:09.70. 3, Hui Nalu 8:12.91. Junior: 1, Outrigger (Genie Kincaid, Diana Allen, Laurie Lawson, Lisa Livingston, kristin Lee, Jim Beaton) 7:53.24. 2, Hui Lanakila 8:03.09. 3, Healani 8:16.64. 40: 1, Outrigger (Traci Phillips, Jennifer Bossert, Donna Kahakui, Tiare Richert-Finney, Lisa Irish, Jimmy Austin) 8:31.21. 2, Hui Lanakila 8:50.92. 3, Lanikai 8:54.12.

Male—18: 1, Lanikai (Christopher Beuret, Anthony Burris, Ryan Jones, Kirk Mueller, Mathew Nelms, Kaakon Smith). 2, Keahiakahoe. 3, Outrigger. No results reported. Freshman: 1, Lanikai (Justin Akana, Jeff Caseber, Matt Crowley, Nahina Leeloy, Kahaku Aspelund, Zane Chess) 7:23.05. 2, Hui Nalu. 3, Kailua. No results reported. Sophomore: 1, Outrigger (Byron Ho, Mark Cluney, John Wacker, Mike Beyer, David Harbottle, Karel Tresnak) 6:49.50. 2, Hui Lanakila 7:01.70. 3, Kailua 7:02.05. Junior: 1, Outrigger (Christopher Hochuli, David Buck, Jeff Brown, Tucker Siegfried, Gunner Schall, Zachary Payne) 7:15.29. 2, Hui Nalu 7:17.41. 3, Lanikai 7:26.86. 40: 1, Outrigger (Walter Guild, Bruce Black, Marc Haine, Karl Heyer, Jim Beaton, Robert Harrison III) 7:42.36. 2, Hui Lanakila 7:44.19. 3, Hui Nalu 7:46.92. Novice A: 1, Outrigger (Scott Gamble, Erik Deryke, Michael Fine, David Fan, Kulani Jones, Jim Beaton) 7:34.74. 2, Lanikai 7:35.04. 3, Hui Nalu 7:48.64.

1 1/2 mile

Senior Women — 1, Hui Lanakila (Seraphina Eames, Jessie Eames, Jana McKee, Gail Grabowsky, Arlene Holzman, Scott Hendricks) 11:51.75. 2, Outrigger 12:23.55. 3, Hui Nalu 12:47.43. Senior Men: 1, Lanikai (Kekoa Bruhn, Zane Chess, Aaron Cres, John Foti, George Leslie, Jim Foti) 10:47.98. 2, Hui Lanakila 10:54.03. 3, Outrigger 11:02.77.

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