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Posted on: Sunday, November 5, 2006

What I'm reading | Dave Shoji

By Christine Thomas

Head coach, UH Rainbow Wahine volleyball

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What are you reading?

I usually pick up a book at the airport before we go on the road, if it looks interesting or catches my eye. But I guess I can say that I've read every John Grisham novel, and I can't wait until the next one. Mainly though I read magazines. I read Sports Illustrated and a lot of golf magazines, also adventure and travel magazines, Men's Journal, National Geographic that type of publication.

Is it the unpredictable part, the twist, in Grisham's novels that most grabs your interest?

There are a lot of authors that you could read and try to outthink try to psyche the ending out and figure out who the bad guy is. Usually you can't do that with Grisham.

I imagine that as a coach you often try to outthink your opponents. Does reading Grisham help hone your "outthinking" skills?

That's an interesting way of seeing it. Sports are fairly unpredictable. I don't think you can ever predict how any match would come out. We're trying to predict how the match should be, how they should progress, before the match, but there are always twists and turns rarely does the match come out how you think it should. So I guess there is a parallel there.