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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Monday, November 13, 2006

Letters to the Editor

The military recommended Thursday a court-martial against Lt. Ehren Watada for refusing deployment to Iraq.

Courtesy attorney Eric A. Seitz

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The University of Hawai'i football team made a final huddle at the end of practice last week.

RICHARD AMBO | The Honolulu Advertiser

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Each day when driving to work, I pass by the enormous graffiti on the tall retaining walls adjacent to Kane'ohe Bay Drive. And it doesn't matter how many times you look at this senseless destruction, the disappointment in these individuals intensifies.

These markings alter the true image of our community, especially for those traveling in this area for the first time. Their cowardly act of vandalism obviously takes place when there are minimal cars on the roads and you expect no one to see them. The shame and embarrassment you will bring upon yourself and family when you get caught is irreversible. And your time will come.

My message to those who illegally express their artistic skills on public canvases such as walls, sides of buildings and roadways is to volunteer your time to communities that have playgrounds needing painting. That may not be as exciting, but you'll hope that you did once the handcuffs are placed on you after blemishing our community.

Ed Saunders



In the recent article, "Police target speeders and hope to save lives," I applaud the efforts of Police Chief Boisse Correa and HPD.

However, day after day I read in the papers or see on the television news that O'ahu has an increasing number of traffic related fatalities; many of these the result of speeding and many involving teenage drivers.

It seems that no one has drawn the conclusion (or even commented on) the fact that the number of speeding and teenage deaths have risen since the closure of Hawai'i Raceway Park on April 1.

I think this is a legitimate discussion to have and provides the state and city governments a reason to listen to the pleas of the displaced "legal racers" on O'ahu for help developing a new motorsport complex.

So far the state and city are actionless. The closure of this only "outlet" facility has broad implications to the community as a whole, not just to the direct users.

Scott Schulte
Hawai'i Kai



Two years ago, it was very disheartening to hear the world's disappointments on the re-election of George Bush and his party. Since Wednesday, one has to only look at most international newspaper Web sites to see the joy of the world on the change in U.S. governing parties.

Let us hope that Americans will again be the most popular people in the world in a positive way.

Rejoice and joy to the world! So apropos for the end of this year and to greet the year 2007!

Rosita Sipirok-Siregar



As a Hawai'i resident, I would like to echo the comments made by Rose-Anne Borger, a repeat visitor from Canada.

This past summer, I stayed in Waikiki with my grandchildren so that the zoo and aquarium would be in walking proximity. When we went to Kuhio Beach early one morning for a walk and a quick swim, almost all of the picnic benches were occupied by the homeless.

There were also people sleeping on the concrete pier. It saddened me that our visitors would be subjected to this scene.

On a recent stay in Downtown Honolulu, a similar situation existed in the park adjacent to the Hawai'i Theatre. There were homeless, some with their belongings in boxes that occupied almost all of the concrete benches along with grocery carts, practically all day and night. It's so ironic that this exists adjacent to the numerous ongoing cultural events.

Wil Wong
Ha'iku, Maui



Gerhard Hamm should pray that the president and vice president do not resign.

With our new U.S. speaker of the House making statements like, "It's not about winning a war, it's about finding a solution to a problem," we should all shudder but with fear, not joy.

Nancy Pelosi and her supporters are still in self-denial that we are in a war against extremists who wish to see America destroyed, whether it be a Democrat- or Republican-controlled government.

Wake up, America and Ms. Pelosi. You are now a wartime speaker, and you should recognize that fact.

James Roller



I read two very conflicting views in Friday's paper. One, a full-page advertisement thanking all veterans and, two, the article about Lt. Ehren Watada.

As a veteran, thank you for the considerate ad. As for Watada, instead of making him a martyr, let it be known that he is an affront to all veterans, most of them "draftees" not wanting to, but doing their duty.

I assume that a dishonorable discharge may not carry the stigma it once did but to the true veterans, be they fellow employees or employers, it means shame and disgrace. Never mind prison; let Watada have his discharge and let him cope in the real world.

Bill Snively


When a KHON-TV news anchor recently wrote to criticize head coach June Jones and the direction of the UH football program, he was merely voicing his opinion.

What I take exception to and find questionable is why Joe Moore, who receives considerable media exposure, would find it necessary to be the center of attention in the middle of football season. Right now, it's about the players. They have earned the success they are experiencing and deserve our undivided support.

Regardless if the message is directed solely at the coach, it is a distraction from the team and disrespectful to the athletes.

Yes, Joe, we all loved the Rainbows and how things used to be. We also know where they were headed with the former coaching staff's leadership.

Change is inevitable. June Jones is doing everything he can to take the team to the next level while doing so on a budget, which is much less than nearly all the elite schools in the country have to work with. Give him some credit.

Even though some of us find your news broadcast style very stiff, Joe, we don't write in and tell you how to do your job. Save your little feud for after the season because for now, from my perspective, less is Moore.

Go Warriors!

Kerry Wardlow
North Shore, Kaua'i