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Posted at 1:38 a.m., Monday, August 13, 2007

Disaster preparedness: Checklist

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In the event of any hurricane or natural disaster, all residents should make sure they have a disaster plan. Here are some disaster preparedness tips:

  • Stay informed about the weather and keep in touch with family, friends and neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled.

  • Where will we meet? What if children are at school, parents at work and otherwise scattered through daily activities? Plan a backup meeting place, someplace familiar to everyone.

  • Consider an off-island telephone contact - a sister in Arizona or an auntie in Las Vegas - so that people here can call there to check in. During the Iniki aftermath on Kaua`i, people could call the Mainland but not across the street. That out-of-danger person can keep track of everyone and offer help and assurance.

    Your evacuation plan

  • Arrange transportation. Fill up gas tank.

  • Plan a safe room. A bathroom, pantry or hallway with no windows or only a small window, where your family could stay safely sheltered through a storm.

  • Develop a family plan.

  • Plan for special needs. Have what you need to care for babies, family members taking medication, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

  • Know how to shut off utilities: gas, water, electricity.

  • Plan what to do with pets.

  • Assemble supplies and have a carrying case nearby if you need to evacuate. You can buy a cheap duffel bag at a secondhand store or use a cooler or backpack. Each person in the family should have a kit.

  • Have important family documents and small valuables where you can grab them.

  • Store family photos and things you can't carry in a windowless room above flood risk levels.