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Posted on: Friday, April 2, 2010

Baeksang awards honor best of film, TV

By Jeff Chung

The 46th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards were held in Korea on March 27, recognizing outstanding achievement in television and film.

Unlike the annual drama awards held by each individual TV network, the Baeksang awards encompass all the TV series. The awards are split into two categories, film and TV.

Many of the winners are Korean celebrities you know:

• The daesang, or grand prize, in film went to director Yoon Je-kyun for "Haeundae," the first successful natural disaster film in South Korean history. Yoon is known for hit films such as "My Boss," "My Hero," "Sex is Zero," "My Teacher" and "Miracle on 1st Street."

In TV, the daesang went to actress Go Hyun-jung for her role as Queen Seon-deok.

• Film winners: best movie, "Take Off"; best director, Jang Hoon for "Secret Reunion"; best actor, Ha Jung-woo for "Take Off"; best actress, Ha Ji-won for "Haeundae."

Note: Ha Ji-won was in Hawai'i at the Hawaii International Film Festival in 2006 for her opening-night film, "Dualist."

Other winners included: best screenplay, Jang Min-seok for "Secret Reunion"; best new director, Lee Ho-jae for "The Scam"; best new actor, Lee Min-ki for "Haeundae"; best new actress, Jo Ahn for "Lifting King Kong."

• TV winners: best drama, "Iris"; best director, Go Dong-sun for "Queen of Housewives"; best actor, Lee Byung-hun for "Iris"; best actress, Kim Nam-joo for "Queen of Housewives"; best screenplay, Chung Sung-il for "Chuno"; best new director, Yoo Hyun-ki for "God of Study"; best new actor, Kim Nam-gil for "Queen Seon-deok"; best new actress; Hwang Jung-eum for "High Kick Through the Roof"; male popularity award, Lee Seung-gi for "Brilliant Legacy"; female popularity award, Yoon-ah for "Cinderella Man."

Note: Congratulations to Kim Yunjin of "Lost" on tying the knot in Hawai'i with her boyfriend/manager Park Jeong-hyeok. The couple had been dating since 2007.

Kim's latest Korean film, "Harmony," is currently playing at Ward 16 Theatres. The "Lost" star plans on moving to Los Angeles after she wraps filming the last season here on O'ahu.


'Smile, Honey'

Episodes 41 and 42

Tonight at 7:45 p.m.: Manbok tells the family he wants to stay alone at the log house and sends the family back home. Geumja gets mad at everyone for failing to persuade Manbok to get surgery. Sunghoon yells at his mother for kicking Jisu out.

Tomorrow at 7:45 p.m.: Jungin tells the family she's really two weeks pregnant. Hyunsu also shows signs of morning sickness. Junggil tells Manbok Jisu has left, and Manbok is very disappointed. Manbok's condition worsens, and he even throws up blood.

'loving you a thousand times'

Episodes 37 and 38

Sunday at 6:45 p.m.: Gang-ho sees Eun-nim arguing with Geum-ja. Eun-nim tells him that she owes Geum-ja money. Gang-ho gives her money to pay off the debt, but thinks something is a bit off. Nan-jeong wants to go to Hawai'i on their honeymoon. Se-hoon goes to the hospital to see Yeon-hee, who's overdosed on sleeping pills, instead of Chul's wedding.

Sunday at 7:45 p.m.: Sun-young goes to the emergency room only to find Se-hoon and Yeon-hee locked in an embrace. Se-hoon asks her to understand, but she wants a divorce and tells Se-hoon's whole family about his infidelity. Nan-jeong and Chul get married — but Nan-jeong falls walking down the aisle, so they can't leave for their honeymoon.

'Wish Upon A Star'

Episodes 15 and 16

Monday at 7:45 p.m.: Red is saddened after hearing the news of Gang-ha and Jae-young's wedding. Next day at work, Gang-ha finds Red crying in the elevator at work, but Red tells him she's crying for her client who's about to lose his insurance money because of her greed. Gang-ha tells Red to keep Blue out of his bedroom.

Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.: Blue gets "lost" on purpose and calls Gang-ha to tell him not to marry Jae-young. Red remembers Jung-ae, her mother's hometown friend, and goes to find her in the mountains with Indigo. Min-kyong also finds Jung-ae and her son, and pays them to leave the country before her father-in-law can find them.

'Ob & Gyn'

Episodes 5 and 6

Wednesday at 7:45 p.m.: A female student named Sangmi walks into the hospital wearing ripped-up clothes. Dr. Suh asks the student what happened to her and is shocked to hear her story. Sangmi's mom comes to the hospital but Sangmi does not want to face her mom. Another patient is brought to the ER to the emergency room and Dr. Ahn massages her heart to revive her. Not satisfied with Dr. Ahn's performance, Dr. Suh pushes Dr. Ahn away and does it herself.

Thursday at 7:45 p.m.: A patient named Eunjung claims that she got an infection from the previous hospital she visited and Dr. Suh recommends another check-up. Dr. Suh is shocked to see that Dr. Lee has come to visit Eunjung. Dr. Lee tries to stop Dr. Suh from signing the surgery form, but she tells Dr. Lee that she does not want him to get involved in her business anymore.