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Posted on: Friday, April 9, 2010

Isle fans join K-drama star in aiding needy

By Jeff Chung

K-drama fans Nora Muramoto and Tessie Kim Viloria were scheduled to arrive home this morning from a trip to Korea, along with 11 other fans from Hawai'i, to attend the Jung Jun-ho ("Iris," "My Boss My Hero") international fan meeting.

There are many so-called "Drama" tours to Korea, and Muramoto has been on three previous trips, but this had a different edge. The itinerary brought excitement and tears to all the Hawai'i members.

Muramoto and Viloria are founding members of the Jung Jun Ho Hawaii Fan Club, initiated on April 28, 2004. Jung has been a regular visitor to Hawai'i and has supported many charity functions to benefit the Korean Cultural Center building fund. In appreciation of his connection to Hawai'i, Muramoto and Viloria decided to join this trip to Korea, to support Jung and his community service projects there. They joined 16 fans from Japan, bringing the total to 29. I was in Korea, and interviewed Muramoto and Viloria about their experience with this trip.

Jung is a veteran actor who has had success on TV and in film, but what many do not realize is that his heart is as big as his stardom. Jung has a community service project called Sarang Bab Cha or Love, Food Cart, converting a full-sized tour bus into a mobile kitchen that can serve 200 meals at a time. It's a Korean celebrity "meals on wheels" project that visits various organizations serving meals to the needy and hungry each week.

The Hawai'i fans joined in on a April 3 Love, Food Cart visit to the Gabriel House with Jung. Gabriel House has 30 residents age 6 to 48. These residents are physically challenged and suffer from various situations. They are not orphans, but children with parents who simply cannot afford to take care of them.

Viloria learned that the Korean government does not support these children because they are not classified as orphans; hence, Gabriel House is funded privately by corporations and community.

The Hawai'i members prepared a hula performance for the residents and gifts of aloha as well. They also hand-fed many residents who needed help and spent most of the day with Jung, helping any way they could.

Jung, who is working on two film projects, makes time to help the community and has earned respect from fans as they see the size of his heart.

Viloria, who is part Korean, experienced a deep humbling experience from her visit to Gabriel House. Muramoto said she would "definitely do it again." As they wiped their tears from this interview, they blamed me for their swollen eyes; Jung's fan finale dinner was only two hours away.




Tonight at 7:45 p.m.: Junggil runs over to Manbok's side, only to see him in critical condition. Sanghoon senses there's trouble when Manbok walks out of the operations room, and wails in agony when Junggil tells him Manbok's life is in danger. The medical team performs CPR on Manbok; Junggyung decides to let the family bid him last farewell.

Tomorrow at 7:45 p.m.: The family finds bliss again when Manbok regains consciousness. Although Manbok isn't well enough to eat yet, Guemja is happy to make him porridge. Joonbae brings Sonyeo to Manbok's house to let the two meet. Sungjoon tells the family he'll bring Jisoo back home when he passes the first pro golfer test.



Sunday at 6:45 p.m.: Geum-ja finds out that Yoo-bin is actually Bubbles. She struggles with whether to tell Eun-nim the truth or not. Eun-nim has to take care of Yoo-bin full time, because Sun-young has left. Se-hoon gets drunk, and Yeon-hee goes to take care of him. Gang-ho grows curious about the lady who keeps bothering Eun-nim, so he asks Eun-nim's grandmother about her.

Sunday at 7:45 p.m.: Eun-nim finds out that Yoo-bin is Bubbles. After much struggle, she decides to leave. Gang-ho's grandmother and Hyang-sook finally seem to start liking Eun-nim. Sun-young and Se-hoon argue over who's going to take Yoo-bin after the divorce.



Monday at 7:45 p.m.: Red is overcome with feelings of betrayal when she finds out the grandpa she's known is actually the chairman of the company she's working for. Chairman Jung promises to give her the money he promised her, but Red refuses the money and moves out of Gang-ha's house with all of her siblings.

Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.: Joon-ha tells Gang-ha to rethink marrying Jae-young, but Gang-ha says no. Joon-ha then gives him final warning to stay away from Red. Chairman Jung orders Gang-ha to rewrite his will and names Red as one of his heirs. Chairman notices there's something going on between Gang-ha and Red.

'OB & GYN'


Wednesday at 7:45 p.m.: Gihoon comes over to Dr. Lee's house after fighting with his girlfriend. Gihoon asks Dr. Lee if syphilis can be passed on from kissing. Dr. Lee takes out his trash and notices Dr. Suh's house with the light off. Dr. Lee goes in the house and sees Dr. Suh unconscious on the floor.

Thursday at 7:45 p.m.: Dr. Ahn falls asleep on duty and wakes up to find out that a patient named Kyungmi is in critical condition. Dr. Ahn informs Dr. Jung of Kyungmi's condition, but Dr. Jung tells Dr. Ahn to hold off until he gets there. Dr. Suh lectures about birth control methods and unwanted pregnancy at the university; students and professors are shocked at her bluntness.