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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Sunday, April 11, 2010

When animals 'talk,' Haneo gets the message

By Leslie Kawamoto

Hawaii news photo - The Honolulu Advertiser

Kiko the dog listens intently while animal communicator Rieko Haneo asks him questions.

LESLIE KAWAMOTO | The Honolulu Advertiser

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Hawaii news photo - The Honolulu Advertiser
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I believe there's much more out there than what we can see and hear. Some people have extraordinary talents that go beyond the physical world.

One of them is Rieko Haneo, an animal communicator. She talks to animals. This special ability comes in handy when she assists her husband, Dr. Kenichi Haneo, a veterinarian at the Prema Animal Natural Clinic in Yokohama, Japan.

Most animals are afraid of going to the vet. Haneo says she is able to find out why and then reassure them. For example, animals may be afraid of shots and Haneo explains why they need them.

Haneo reportedly began communicating with animals when she was 3. As a child, she thought everyone could, too. When she realized she was different, at age 11, her ability stopped. Then, in 1998, she visited Kaua'i with her husband. Amazingly, her special talent reappeared. She credits the spirituality in our Islands.

Last week Haneo returned to Hawai'i and met with animal patients of resonant energy healer Dr. Raymond Yoza at his clinic.

"It is very important that owners understand that pets have feelings and emotions just like humans. We need to understand each pet is an individual," Yoza said.

Over three days, Haneo saw 20 animals, and with the help of translator Dean Saito, conversed with their owners. One owner brought in two Chihuahuas. While Haneo was communicating with one, the other dog would interrupt and they bickered in front of Haneo, Saito said. Haneo advised their owner to show equal affection to alleviate the apparent jealousy problem.

In another case, a pet owner had several mice pass away and wanted to know if there was a "mouse heaven." Haneo said they were in a nice, lighted place, digging holes and making a home. One mouse had died of a tumor and the mouse told Haneo that it was very tiring and stressful to carry it around, Saito said.

How, exactly, does Haneo talk to animals? She asks them questions aloud, as if she's talking to a person. She says she can feel their response.

On Sunday, I observed Haneo's session with Kiko, an English Staffordshire terrier, with a disc problem. Haneo sat on the floor with Kiko beside her. She asked: "Kiko-kun, can you talk with me? Are you in any pain now?" Kiko immediately got up and licked her face. She responded, nodding, "Hmm, hmm. Oh, yes," several times in confirmation.

"Kiko says he doesn't have pain like before. It's much better," Haneo said.

Owner Bobby Zablan agreed that Kiko can now take longer walks after resonant healing treatments and taking oral supplements.

Then Zablan asked if Kiko would mind if he brought a puppy home. "Kiko-kun, do you want another 'puppy chan' in the house?" Haneo asked. Kiko again immediately licked her face in response, over and over again. "He wants to know what kind of dog? He feels more comfortable with humans because they understand his feelings better. But if there's going to be another dog, he hopes it will have the same personality as him. He hopes it will be part of the family and will understand him too."

Zablan said he was satisfied with Kiko's responses. "I knew Kiko felt the way she had explained," he said.

Haneo enjoys communicating and comforting animals. Animals seem to sense her warmth and genuineness and it was an honor to watch her work.