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The Honolulu Advertiser
Posted on: Friday, April 30, 2010

E-mail answer for shot at celebrity prizes

By Jeff Chung

When I was 8 years old, I delivered The Honolulu Advertiser in a Waikīkī neighborhood. I had no idea that many years later I would be a columnist for the newspaper. I reminisce about my childhood because this K-Drama column today marks its fifth anniversary.

My small paper route was in the area of what is now the Watermark condominium. I delivered papers in several three-story buildings. It was a tough route as I had to cover many floors without any elevators. Eventually, I improvised by throwing to the higher floors above instead of climbing stairs.

The delivery was seven days a week with Sundays being the most dreaded day. On weekdays, after getting home from school, I would fold up each newspaper and bind it with a rubber band. Then, I would place everything in the delivery bag that connected to the front of my bicycle.

Saturdays were the easiest as the paper was always thin, making the load to carry lighter. Sundays were the worst as I had to get up at 5 a.m. to tuck coupons and inserts into each paper before folding and delivering the heavy load. Back then, the paper deliverers had to knock on doors to collect newspaper subscription fees. I remember having a tablet with perforated receipts after collection.

Many customers were so nice, offering me cookies and a glass of milk when I delivered or was there to collect subscription fees. A month's work pulled in just under $80 dollars back then. I suppose in the mid-'70s, that was a decent pay for kid in third grade.

All of it went into my Menehune Keiki Savings program at American Savings, Waikīkī branch. I learned quickly the value of a hard-earned dollar and the temptation to spend.

In celebration of this column's fifth anniversary, I would like to do a special giveaway to the many supportive fans of this column. In the past 12 years of involvement with the Hawaii International Film Festival and 24 years with KBFD, I have collected quite a unique and eclectic Korean celebrity autographed memorabilia. I will be giving away five special autographed Korean celebrity memorabilia. They are from the top stars of Korea and originals.

Here's the question: What was the date of the first K-Drama column? Please e-mail your answers to jeffchung@kbfd.com. Winners will be randomly drawn and notified by e-mail. Please submit your answers by May 4.

Another anniversary bonus: Check out KLIFE on Oceanic Cable channel 81 for the latest music videos from Rain, Lee Hyori, Secret, 2AM, After School, K-Will and Tara in digital quality just uploaded for free viewing.



Parts 1 and 2 of 2

Tonight at 7:45 p.m.: Synopsis not available.

Tomorrow at 7:45 p.m.: Synopsis not available


Episodes 45 and 46

Sunday at 6:45 p.m.: Gang-ho goes to see Eun-nim at the orphanage. He tells her that a divorce is their only option. Both of them tell their families that they are getting a divorce, but neither is telling them the reason. Sun-young suggests moving to another country to Se-hoon. Geum-ja tells So-weol about Sun-young using a surrogate and that Se-hoon's "other" woman is pregnant.

Sunday at 7:45 p.m.: Gang-ho and Eun-nim agree to meet at the courthouse to file for divorce, but Gang-ho decides that he can't go through with it. Meanwhile, Hyang-sook and Sun-young are desperate for this ordeal to be over. Geum-ja goes to So-weol's house and tells her about the surrogacy and that Se-hoon's "other" woman is pregnant. So-weol confronts Se-hoon.


Episodes 3 and 4

Monday at 7:45 p.m.: Min-woo comes back home with Ye-eun. He's devastated when his friend Tae-gu tells him he can't find Ye-eun's mom anywhere. To make things worse, Ye-eun starts to cry and Min-woo finally calls Gae-hwa and agrees to do the musical.

Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.: Min-woo is surprised to find Yura, his old crush, at the door. He hides Gae-hwa and Ye-eun in the room and greets Yura. Yura offers Min-woo an endorsement deal with her clothing company, and Min-woo accepts. Just when Min-woo thought he sent Yura out of his house safely, Yura comes back and runs into Gae-hwa.

'OB & GYN'

Episodes 13 and 14

Wednesday at 7:45 p.m.: Dr. Suh runs into the surgery room after finding out that her patient Jungsook's amniotic fluid has broken. She also gets a call from the hospital in Bun-dang regarding a patient named Sooyoung who is not waking up from the anesthesia. The chief nurse tells Dr. Wang that Dr. Lee and Yoosun seem to be more than just friends. She tells Dr. Wang to take this chance as an opportunity to win Dr. Suh over.

Thursday at 7:45 p.m.: Doctors start the surgery of Youngmi. Dr. Ahn, being overly nervous, makes a mistake and gets kicked out of the surgery room by Dr. Suh. Youngmi's mother is waiting outside the surgery room anxiously; Dr. Ahn comforts her and tells her that everything will be alright after the surgery. Dr. Lee returns from the States and notices Dr. Suh trying to avoid him.