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Posted on: Friday, January 8, 2010

2009's drama award winners, by network

By Jeff Chung

What do Lee Byung-hun ("Iris"), Go Hyun-jung ("Queen Seon Deok") and Jang Seo-hee ("Wife's Temptation") all have in common? They have been awarded the grand prize for their roles in dramas on the South Korean networks KBS, MBC and SBS.

All three major networks in Korea have their own drama awards at the end of the year. Unfortunately there isn't a single drama awards that culminates in a comprehensive list from all the networks. So here are the winners of 2009, by network:

MBC: Grand prize: Go Hyun-jung for her role as Misil in "Queen Seon Deok." Drama of the year: "Queen Seon Deok." Best actor: Um Tae-woong ("Queen Seon Deok") and Yoon Sang-hyun ("Queen of Housewives"). Best actress: Kim Nam-joo ("Queen of Housewives") and Lee Yo-won ("Queen Seon Deok"). Lee Jun-ki received the popularity award for his role in "Hero."

KBS: Grand prize, Lee Byung-hun for his role in "Iris." Despite a recent tabloid scandal, Lee's performance and international stardom helped him become the recipient of this prestigious award. Best actor went to Son Hyun-joo for the drama "My Precious Sons." Best actress to Chae Si-ra for her main role in "Iron Empress."

SBS: Grand prize: Jang Seo-hee for her role as Gu Eun-jae and Min So-hee in "Wife's Temptation." Best actor: Seo Ji-sub for his role in "Cain & Abel." Best actress: Kim Mi-sook for her role as the greedy mother in "Brilliant Legacy." Best supporting actor: Kang Seok-woo ("Smile, Honey"). Best supporting actress: Cha Hwa-yeon ("Angel's Temptation"). In the special drama series category, best actress went to Han Hyo-joo, and best actor to Lee Seung-gi ("Brilliant Legacy") and Park Shi-hoo ("Family of Honor"). In the special drama category, best actor to Cha Seung-won and best actress to Kim Sun-ah ("City Hall"). In the daily drama category, best actor to Byun Woo-min and best actress to Kim Seo-hyung ("Wife's Temptation").

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Episodes 17 and 18

Tonight at 7:45 p.m.: Jungin complains that Hyunsu is only buying her cup noodle on their date, but she's grateful for his thoughtfulness. Junggil wakes up the whole family early in the morning to ask about his father's inheritance. Hansae tells Junggil about Hyunsu and Jungin, and offers to buy him the house back so Junggil's family can move out of Hyunsu's house.

Tomorrow at 7:45 p.m.: Hyunsu and Junggin have their first official date. The shy couple soon become very affectionate. Geumja is worried when both Hyunsu and Jungin don't come home until late, but Sanghoon tells her not to worry, that Hyunsu likes someone else.


Episodes 13 and 14

Sunday at 6:45 p.m.: Gang-ho finds Eun-nim's wallet and gets her to buy him dinner five times in return. Nan-jeong is very depressed about Gang-ho, so she gets very drunk and spends the night with Chul. Gang-ho's grandmother gets calls from friends about her womanizing grandson. Eun-nim begins to fixate on babies.

Sunday at 7:45 p.m.: Eun-nim accidentally sees "Mrs. Lee," but can't catch her. She starts to fixate on her baby again. Se-hoon is becoming disenchanted with Yeon-hee and gets ready to break it off with her. Nan-jeong's mom and Chul's mom are old high friends. Gang-ho has completely fallen for Eun-nim. Eun-nim also is growing fond of him.


Episodes 13 and 14

Monday at 7:45 p.m.: Aran talks back to Woo-sub when he criticizes her past, and gets slapped. Joo-seung is certain Ahn Jae-sung is in fact Shin Hyun-woo and tries to find solid evidence. Jae-hee is told her uncle is looking for her and goes out to meet him. Aran turns to Jae-sung for help when Chairman Hwang withdraws his investment offer.

Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.: Aran tells Joo-seung to give up on her, but he tells her Ahn Jae-sung is Shin Hyun-woo. Jae-hee asks Jae-sung if he knows why Kyung-hee decided to sponsor Jae-hee. Woo-sub finds out about Aran's uncle and aunt.


Episodes 13 and 14

Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.: Taekyung finds out that he is the one Minam likes. Taekyung tells Minam that it is OK for her to like him and Minam is very happy to hear that. Reporter Kim finds a picture of Minam in girl's clothes and goes to question Mr. Ahn. Mo Hwaran tells Mija that she'll give half her assets to the twins.

Wednesday at 7:45 p.m.: Taekyung comes to the airport to tell Minam he likes her, but just as he's about to say the word, a bus full of high school students passes by them. But Taekyung whispers the word to Minam, stunning her. Jeremy sees the pictures of Taekyung and Minam at the airport on the Internet and realizes Minam likes Taekyung. Taekyung shows Mr. Mah he's the one Minam likes.