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Posted on: Sunday, January 10, 2010

From the HIP

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Hawaii news photo - The Honolulu Advertiser

Lacy Matsumoto

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Hawaii news photo - The Honolulu Advertiser

Courtesy of Chef Leslie Ashburn

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Hawaii news photo - The Honolulu Advertiser

Courtesy of Erika Ireland

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Aloha, Honolulu singles: Where are you hanging out? Where do you go on dates? And what is on your mind?

One common thing we humans share is the search for love. Over the next few weeks, we're going to explore the hottest places to go on a date, how to meet people of the opposite sex, and some of the social problems of dating.

Have something to say? E-mail Lacy.FromtheHip@gmail.com with your dating questions, concerns and commentary.


"These are angry rustlers dabbling in Eastern philosophy," explains artist Rich Richardson. He's referring to his new exhibit, "Cartoon Cowboys Invade Chinatown." The characters at first glance look like normal illustrations, but when you look closer, their features tell another story. "They're half monk, half desperado," says Richardson, who has been living closely with this art. "I've been doing a piece a month," he explains. The pieces have been hanging in Richardson's Chinatown studio for the past three months, and are coming out to play with the public at a Bar 35 event this Thursday. The work will be on display until Jan. 29.

"It's nice to see them think in Chinese. They fit nicely in Hotel Street bars," says the progressive artist. Check them out at the opening reception, 8 to 10 p.m. Thursday, featuring Richardson's art, a fashion show by local designer Roberta Oaks, jewelry by JB Friedman Designs, a live performance by the indie-rock band Girlfriends, and DJ ADHDJ from KTUH. Bar 35, 35 N. Hotel St.; 537-3535, www.bar35hawaii.com.

— Lacy Matsumoto


Are you still recovering from the buttery turkey, or that fatty ham you had over the holidays? Did you opt for an extra scoop of mashed potatoes and cookie? Local macrobiotic Chef Leslie Ashburn (right) has just the cure: a recipe to help jump start your healthy eating habits for 2010 (or until the next holiday season). Macrobiotic eating started off as a Japanese theory created by educator George Ohsawa and was redesigned by Michio Kushi. The diet is a healthy way of eating and integrates the thought process of considering the health of your mind, body and the Earth. The macrobiotic diet is a low-fat, high-fiber diet that emphasizes whole grains and locally grown vegetables.
Interested in learning more about eating macrobiotic? Join chef Ashburn's Ready, Set, Renew cooking class ($38 per person), today, 4 to 6:30 p.m. at Baby Awareness, 2752 Woodlawn Drive; 988-0010. For more information on Ashburn's services, go to www.macrobiotichawaii.com.


• 4 cups kabocha pumpkin, skinned and cubed

• 1 onion, diced

• 4 to 6 cups water

• Sea salt, to taste

• Chopped parsley, chives, green onion or cilantro as optional garnish

Place the kabocha, onion and water in a pot and bring to a gentle boil. Cover, turn the heat to low, and simmer for an additional 15 to 20 minutes, or until the kabocha is soft. Place the soup into a food processor or blender and blend until very creamy. Add salt to taste, and gently reheat to serve. Add greens to garnish if desired.

Note: The skin can be eaten and is very nutritious, but for this soup, it's removed to retain a gorgeous bright orange color.

— L.M.


There’s nothing like a hot little swimsuit to help motivate you to stick to your “get fit, be healthy” New Year’s resolution. At Hula-la! Boutique, the designs are to die for. With its new storefront in The Royal Hawaiian hotel, the gem boutique fits perfectly in the historic hotel. “I am absolutely thrilled with our location. It is everything I wanted; it’s elegant, yet intimate and cozy,” says owner Erika Ireland. “I have the honor of being a part of people’s vacations, as well as their swimwear makeovers. I get to help people look and feel better in a swimsuit; it’s the ultimate affirmation for a designer.”
Each design reflects femininity with a touch of flirtation and functionality. Need some words of advice on how to wear a Hula-la! suit? “First learn to love your body now; there is a tremendous freedom in giving yourself permission to wearing something a little out of your comfort zone,” says Ireland. What’s hot this year? “Coral- and mint-colored bikinis! They accentuate and flaunt a beautiful tan.” Want to pick up your Hula-la! piece? For this week only, mention From the Hip when checking out and receive 20 percent off. Hula-la! Boutique, The Royal Hawaiian hotel, 2259 Kaläkaua Ave.; 931-7097, www.hulagirlswim.com.
— L.M.


• What does the color turquoise evoke in you? Perhaps the blueness of the sky, a relaxing walk on the beach or starting fresh after a challenging year? Whatever the case, according to Pantone (a company known for its somewhat scientific system for tracking color in fashion and home decor), turquoise is the color of spring 2010. Fashion insiders agree that you’ll be seeing more of this color in the year to come.
Some ancient cultures believed that a turquoise gemstone would bring protection and prosperity to its wearer. If you agree or think it’s just a pretty stone, visit Artlines at Ala Moana Center to find a turquoise piece that brings you peace. Everything in the store is on sale, from 20 percent to 60 percent off.
Don’t wait too long because their temporary lease is due to expire at the end of January. Artlines’ co-owner, Taso Haidemenakis, said, “We’re keeping our fingers crossed; there’s a good chance the lease will be extended.” While you’re there, be sure to take a look at his original larimar gemstone designs. Larimar (known as a calming blue stone and often mistaken for turquoise) is one of the world’s rarest gemstones.
• Ala Moana Center’s Winter Sidewalk Sale is happening Friday through Jan. 17. Spend your gift cards before you lose them. A variety of merchants will offer sidewalk specials and in-store sales. Plus, shoppers who spend $75 or more in one day will receive a $5 gift certificate to the Makai Market Food Court. Shoppers must present same-day receipts totaling $75 or more at the Customer Service Center.
• Two local finds:
Born and raised in Hawaiçi, Cheryl Price discovered that Scrabble tiles can be made into pendants that are unique works of art. She recycles the tiny wooden tiles, transforming them into eye-catching, wearable conversation pieces. Each pendant is hand-crafted, hand-twisted and created with Swarovski crystal and Czech glass embellishments along with silver beads and silver-over-copper wire. Interested in custom designs for yourself or your organization? Contact Linwood Mitchell at lmitchell@hawaii.rr.com. The repurposed Scrabble pendants are priced $10 to $12, which is a bargain compared to the $15 price online.
Silver Lining came about when two creative cousins combined their talents to handcraft fun and functional necklaces that complement any pendant. Kahala Alencastre and Hannah Kamoe create necklaces out of ribbon, leatherette and sterling silver chains, embellished with semi-precious stone “dangles.” The young and talented duo wanted their merchandise to be made in Hawaiçi, but most importantly to be affordable.
Find Silver Lining at:
• Red Bamboo, 602 Kailua Road, Suite 101A, Kailua; 263-3174.
• Plantation Home Decor, 338 Kamökila Blvd., Suite 105, Kapolei; 674-4101.
• Global Creations Interiors, 66-079 Kamehameha Highway, Haleçiwa; 637-1780.
• Navy Exchange, Bougainville Drive; 423-3312 (pendant only).
— Amanda Stevens
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