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Posted on: Friday, March 5, 2010

Try Korean video on demand

By Jeff Chung

The romantic comedy "Lost and Found" and "The Divine Weapon" are among the new films available on from KLIFE, the first American video-on-demand cable station to offer Korean content.

New titles from South Korea are offered on KLIFE (Oceanic Digital Channel 81) each month. Here are synopses for the latest additions:

"Lost and Found" (stars Park Jin-hee and Jo Han-sun, director Jung Jung-hwa): TV writer Ji-ho has been secretly in love with the same man for 10 years. After a night of binge drinking, she wakes up to face the worst day of her life: She's fired for low viewer ratings, her bag gets snatched on the way home, and while pursuing the thief, she gets hit by a car and bumps her head. But the chain of unfortunate events turns out to be a blessing. Discovering that driver who hit her is Min-woo, the very man she's been in love with all these years, Ji-ho feigns amnesia and Min-woo has no choice but to bring her home with him. Worried by Ji-ho's absence, her childhood friend Dong-sik finds her and is determined to help her recover her memories.

"The Divine Weapon" (stars Jung Jae-young, Ahn Sung-ki, Huh Joon-ho, Han Eun-ju, directed by Kim Yoo-jin): It is 1448, the 30th year of Sejong's reign. The Ming dynasty's meddling into Joseon's domestic affairs gets extreme, and Sejong secretly plans to develop Singijeon, a rocket weapon upgraded from Goryeo's firearms technology. Ming assassins are dispatched to attack the research lab, but Choi Hae-san, the man in charge of the project, destroys himself along with the research materials to protect the weapon's secret. His daughter Hong-li (Han Eun-jung) barely escapes but loses the Chong-tong records (Singijeon's blueprints) to the Ming assassins. As the Ming put more diplomatic pressure on Joseon to make the Singijeon, Sejong commands Chang-gang, the chief royal guard warrior, to take the only person with the potential to complete the Singijeon. As they are moments away from the completion of Singijeon, the Ming and Yeo-jin alliance army of 100,000 heads for Eui-ju, Joseon. In order to stop the war, Sejong hands Hong-li and the Chong-tong Records to the Ming envoy, and even Sul-ju is imprisoned by the court ...

KLIFE is only available to Oceanic Cable digital subscribers. There is no monthly charge, but there is a $5.99 charge for Korean movies. Other Korean content on the channel is free, including cultural and educational programming.




Tonight at 7:45: Junggil tells Hyunsu's family he'll take Hyunsu with him if they don't approve of Jungin. Curious about Manbok's test results, Sanghoon goes to see Junggyung. Hyunsu comes back to Global Motors to work on a new project, and Hansae also comes back to work with him in the same office. Tomorrow at 7:45 p.m.: Geumja finally gives his approval for Hyunsu and Jungin's marriage. Jungin and Hyunsu are blissfully happy, but Manbok's condition worsens. Hyunsu gives Joohee money to prepare for the wedding, and also buys a new suit for Junggil. Geumja gives Jungin a long list of dowry items.



Sunday at 6:45 p.m.: During Gang-ho and Eun-nim's wedding, Hyang-sook sees Geum-ja. She panicks and disappears from the wedding. Everyone spends the rest of the wedding frantically looking for her. The newlyweds miss their flight and can't go on their honeymoon. Nan-jeong becomes increasingly irritated with Chul for ignoring her. Sun-young bumps into Se-hoon and Yeon-hee after he told her he was in a meeting. Sunday at 7:45 p.m.: Eun-nim moves into Gang-ho's family's home. She tries her best, but it's difficult with his grandmother and mother making snide remarks every chance they get. Gang-ho keeps making matters worse by taking her side. Sun-young finds out about Se-hoon's affair, and she goes to meet with Yeon-hee. Chul decides to go back to the States to finish his studies.



Monday at 7:45 p.m.: Red comes home to drunk Tae-gyu, and Tae-gyu proposes marriage to Red as Joon-ha watches. Red turns him down, telling him that she already has her hands full with her five siblings. However Tae-gyu doesn't give up and incessantly professes his love for Red. Next morning, Gang-ha finds Blue sleeping in his bed. Tuesday at 7:45 p.m: Blue starts a fire while sleep walking, but Gang-ha comes home just in time to extinguish it. Just then Red comes in and Gang-ha tells her to get out of his house at once. Red slaps him, chiding him for ignoring her injured brother. Orange works at an Internet café to make money, only to have his pay taken away by bullies.



Wednesday at 7:45 p.m.: Chunhee leaves the hospital without getting her treatments but Jiwan follows her and tells her to go back to the hospital so she can quickly recover and meet Gangjin. Jiwan suggests to Gangjin that they tell the truth to Youngsuk, even if that will shock Youngsuk. Thursday at 7:45 p.m.: Chunhee visits Gangjin and asks if he has forgotten who his mother was. Gangjin tells her that he let go of everything when she left three years ago. Gangjin follows Chunhee to her house and runs into Jiwan. Chunhee visits Youngsuk and tells her to come back to her senses. Chunhee then tells Youngsuk that Junsu is dead and the person who Youngsuk thinks is her son Jiyong is actually not Jiyong, but Chunhee's son Gangjin.