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Oahu Publications Inc. stunned the local business community on Feb. 25, 2010 when it was announced that OPI was acquiring The Advertiser, its Web site, its nondaily publications and its $82 million printing plant in Kapolei. The plan calls for the sale of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and, if no taker is found, the papers would be consolidated.

The Honolulu Advertiser turns a new page in its 155-year history with its purchase by Oahu Publications Inc., owner of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. ADVERTISER LIBRARY PHOTO

Lights glowed in the newsroom of The Honolulu Advertiser last night as staff members put out the final edition.

Advertiser writes final chapter in 154-year story (Jun 06, 2010)
Today's final edition of The Honolulu Advertiser ends a 154-year run that helped document and define the course of Island life from the days of the Hawaiian kingdom to the arrival of jets and the digital age.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser's nameplate is already in place at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin's Restaurant Row offices.

Black paying $125M for Advertiser (Jun 06, 2010)
Honolulu Star-Bulletin owner David Black is paying about $125 million to acquire The Honolulu Advertiser. The sale price — which a person familiar with the deal confirmed for the first time — is roughly half of the $250 million that former owner Gannett Co. paid for The Advertiser in 1992.
Advertiser timeline (Jun 06, 2010)
Advertiser timeline.

Puao Finai, a warehouse clerk at the Community Clearinghouse, leafs through a scrapbook of news clippings from 1969 about the help that what was then the Volunteer Services Bureau got from The Honolulu Advertiser Christmas Fund.

Contributing as well as chronicling (Jun 06, 2010)
The Honolulu Advertiser didn't just chronicle life in the Islands, it worked to make life better — in ways big and small — with fundraisers and sponsorships, blood drives and volunteer campaigns.
End unfolds with sadness, nostalgia (Jun 06, 2010)
Food, memories and good wishes continued to pour into The Advertiser newsroom yesterday as the staff prepared to put the state's largest newspaper "to bed" for the final time. Reporters, editors and photographers continued to dump notebooks, reports, books and business cards, uncovering desktops that had not been uncluttered in years.

With the days of The Advertiser numbered, the newsroom staff gathered for a group photo in late April. Those who couldn't be there on the building's front steps have been added along the bottom.

Advertiser's staff says farewell (Jun 06, 2010)
A decade with The Honolulu Advertiser as a copy editor and wire editor came to an end last night, but it was not my saddest day in the newsroom. Not even close. Nine years ago, The Advertiser launched a short-lived PM Edition for those who preferred to read their newspaper in the afternoon or evening.
Saying goodbye to trusted friend (Jun 06, 2010)
It's difficult to try to sum up a life in an obituary, to get the right tone and to pick out the most significant tales from a lifetime of adventures, but finding that point of grace where the words just fall away and the person's spirit almost speaks for itself is a transcendent thing for a writer.

For more than 70 years, The Advertiser's printing operations ran at its building at 605 Kapi'olani Blvd.

The end of a rich history (Jun 06, 2010)
Today's final edition of The Honolulu Advertiser marks the end of a most unique narrative, told in daily installments, chronicling 154 breathtaking years in the history of our Hawai'i community.

Alan Yonan, Jr.

One-man show evolved into top-notch team (Jun 06, 2010)
I got my first taste of business reporting as an Advertiser intern in 1981.

Robbie Dingeman

Thanks for letting us into your lives (Jun 06, 2010)
News reporters run toward disasters — hurricanes, erupting volcanoes, horrible murders, businesses closing — to tell those stories.

David Butts

It won't be the same without you (Jun 06, 2010)
We have a running joke at The Advertiser Local News Desk when an editor leaves for home anytime from, say, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., which we consider early. The editors still on the desk will call out, "You go on. Have a good time. Don't worry about us. We'll put the paper out."

Sean Hao

Highs, lows, memories and a new start (Jun 06, 2010)
Several events and memories stand out from the experience of covering business and government in Hawai'i.

Greg Wiles

Even at the end, there's a deadline (Jun 06, 2010)
This is my final piece for The Honolulu Advertiser, and like half of the things I've written here, is being done on deadline.

The last word. (Jun 06, 2010)
A small group of newsroom people got together in 1997 and came up with a mission statement for The Honolulu Advertiser. What started as one of those strained, management-coerced assignments evolved into candid discussions among staff members about how the newspaper could improve while holding true to sturdy principles that would outlive every journalistic fad.
The Advertiser's first editorial (Jun 06, 2010)
This is the editorial that founder Henry Whitney wrote in the first edition of the Pacific Commercial Advertiser. We thought it was important to present this "bookend" of our history, but know that it reflects the prejudices of 1856 and that Whitney refers to Native Hawaiians in a way that is, at best, paternalistic.

George Chaplin, who retired in 1986, led the effort to make The Advertiser more relevant and reliable.

An 'ohana that produced powerful work (Jun 06, 2010)
I was fortunate to spend most of my professional life as a journalist for The Honolulu Advertiser in the days when it was locally owned. I looked forward to going to work just about every day and so I'm sad to see it go, and our community should be sad as well to be losing a media voice.
From our readers, a fond farewell (Jun 06, 2010)
For nearly a third of the life of The Honolulu Advertiser — 49 years, to be exact — its art editor, Jerry Chong, was there to illustrate and bring to life most of the history-making stories of the 20th century.

Jerry Burris was editor of Ka Leo O Hawai'i, the student newspaper at the University of Hawai'i-M?noa, in the fall of 1968. The following year he started a 38-year career at The Advertiser.

The news didn't get smaller, the papers did (Jun 06, 2010)
There's been a growing amount of fretting recently in the journalism racket about the steep decline in the number of reporters covering state capitols and other state government news.

Mike Gordon

About the hits and the missus (Jun 06, 2010)
This might be a good place to publicly thank my family for not killing me in my sleep.

Waipahu High School's science team at the 2010 Hawai'i State Science Fair.

Multiverse of science was exciting beat (Jun 06, 2010)
When I came to work at the Advertiser in 1997, my primary job was in Travel, but I also loved science, and some of the most meaningful reporting I have done for the newspaper has been about the impact of science and scientists.

Curtis Murayama

Mistakes happen, and they'll make us better (Jun 06, 2010)
Editor's Note: Curtis Murayama has been with The Advertiser since 1978, first as a reporter then page designer, the past 11 years as the Sports Editor, and always as an NFL draft fan. He is a Kaimuki High School and University of Oregon graduate.

A game for the ages, and all hours (Jun 06, 2010)
Epic. You often see the word in our sports section, in stories and headlines.

The Advertiser sports staff and a few staffers whole played an important role in sports at its farewell luncheon at the Oceanarium. Standing at left from left, Wes Nakama, Tiera Kekaula, Kyle Sakamoto, Kalani Takase and Ferd Lewis. Seated at left from left, Bart Asato, Martha Hernandez, Ann Miller and Clyde Mizumoto. Seated at right from right, Curtis Murayama, Leslie Kawamoto, Leila Wai, Stanley Lee and Brandon Masuoka. Standing at right from right, Stephen Tsai, Stacy Kaneshiro, Stan Pusieski, Paul Carvalho and Steve Kimura. Inset, from left: Dayton Morinaga, Seryna Ko and Sarah Kawachi.

We came, we saw, we wrote, we enjoyed (Jun 06, 2010)
Decades ago — sometime after Andrew Mitsukado, Hal Wood and Dan McGuire — when there were no Rainbow Wahine volleyball, no Rainbow Wahine softball, no hard-core following for University of Hawai'i women's sports, no Internet and when high school sports was king, a new generation of sports writers was being formed.

Ferd Lewis.

Team 'Tiser chronicled sumo history in making (Jun 06, 2010)
The gray Tokyo skies grew darker on the late January 1993 morning as throngs of fans made their way down the gravel path under the giant torii leading into the venerable Meiji Jingu.

Paul Carvalho.

Sage advice: Make today a masterpiece (Jun 06, 2010)
The silver-haired man, looking more wizardly than ever in retirement, sat alone reading a sports section at Los Angeles International Airport on that fall afternoon in 1984.

Brandon Masuoka.

This event had drama, medical miracle (Jun 06, 2010)
My best memory was covering the 2006 Wally Yonamine Foundation/HHSAA Baseball State Championships on Maui.

Clyde Mizumoto

These fond memories will last forever (Jun 06, 2010)
Editor's Note: Clyde Mizumoto started with The Advertiser in 1974 as a part-time reporter. He was first named Assistant Sports Editor in 1978, and has served under seven different Sports Editors in that capacity, including Curtis Murayama. Clyde also was Sports Editor, a page designer and copy editor. He is a graduate of Roosevelt High School and the University of Hawai'i.

Leila Wai

I caught video stream at just the right time (Jun 06, 2010)
Leila Wai has been with The Advertiser since 2000 as a clerk, then reporter and lead videographer. She is a graduate of Kaiser High School and University of Hawai'i, where she played soccer.

Bart Asato

This job never got old, even after 29 years (Jun 06, 2010)
Editor's Note: Bart Asato has been The Advertiser Assistant Sports Editor since 1999. He started at The Advertiser in 1981 and has been a sports and news reporter, designer, copy editor and online content editor. He is a graduate of McKinley High School and the University of Hawai'i.

Stephen Tsai

Still slap-happy after 29 years as a reporter (Jun 06, 2010)
Editor's Note: Stephen Tsai has been a reporter with The Advertiser since 1981. The author of popular Hawaii Warrior Beat blog whose followers call themselves the "Tsai-kos," Stephen is a Roosevelt High School and University of Hawai'i graduate.

Stanley Lee

My few years were a blur, most enjoyable (Jun 06, 2010)
Stanley Lee has been with The Advertiser since 2007 as a reporter and videographer. He is a graduate of McKinley High School, where he ran and coached cross country, and is currently finishing his master's degree at the University of Hawai'i.

Ann Miller

Advertiser sports staff adopted, embraced me (Jun 06, 2010)
How can you look back at a 30-year career and choose one special memory above all others?

Dayton Morinaga

What a trip —Dayton traveled to see Dayton (Jun 06, 2010)
Dayton Morinaga has been a reporter with The Advertiser since 1991. An avid ocean sports reporter, he is a graduate of Saint Louis School and the University of Hawai'i.

May the memories make you strong (Jun 06, 2010)
The smartest move in a 40-year career in sports journalism was jumping at the chance to join The Advertiser staff in 1987.

Through thick, thin and hurricanes, the staff was like family (Jun 06, 2010)
After 30 years at the Honolulu Advertiser, there are a lot of memories, and most of them are good.

Little League World Series provided unique experience (Jun 06, 2010)
If I had to pick one memorable experience out of the hundreds in the past nine years at The Advertiser, it would have to be covering Waipi'o's championship run in the 2008 Little League World Series.

Most of all, I'll miss my colleagues (Jun 06, 2010)
In the seven years I have spent working at The Honolulu Advertiser, I've covered a wide range of sporting events.

Thanks to act of kindness, I didn't blow assignment (Jun 06, 2010)
I would like to think I grow wiser with every day that passes by.

I worked here, and I am proud to say it (Jun 06, 2010)
When say I work for the Honolulu Advertiser sports department, no one's ever surprised.

'Wow, what a gig' — and to think it was mine (Jun 06, 2010)
As a youth growing up in Mo'ili'ili, I had read about or heard of athletes and coaches in the newspapers, radio and TV.

I'm gonna miss the food and friendship (Jun 06, 2010)
I jumped at the opportunity to work for The Honolulu Advertiser sports department in May 2005 with the help of Kalani Takase. I've known Kalani since high school when we met through Hawaii Sports Network. Even though he's a Trojan and I'm a Charger. At the time, I was enrolled at Hawaii Pacific University, and had an athletic statistician scholarship.

I'll miss the camaraderie most (Jun 06, 2010)
After working three years for UH Sports Media Relations I knew I wanted to go into sports journalism.

Mike Gordon

About the hits and the missus (Jun 06, 2010)
This might be a good place to publicly thank my family for not killing me in my sleep.

Waipahu High School's science team at the 2010 Hawai'i State Science Fair.

Multiverse of science was exciting beat (Jun 06, 2010)
When I came to work at the Advertiser in 1997, my primary job was in Travel, but I also loved science, and some of the most meaningful reporting I have done for the newspaper has been about the impact of science and scientists.

In April, the Merrie Monarch costumes of H?lau Ka W?kiu — seen here, from left, are 'Aukai Reynolds, Matt Williams-Solomon, Kaimana Domingo and T.C. Southard — were profiled.

Fashion has never gone out of style (Jun 06, 2010)
HONOLULU — When I began writing for The Honolulu Advertiser 15 years ago, I was a struggling fashion designer, with an atelier in Kakaako.

Wade Kilohana Shirkey

News a colorful world for copyboy in '60s (Jun 06, 2010)
Let's go on a journey. The year was 1968.

Kanu Hawaii board members Alani Apio, left, Kylee Pomaikai Omo, center, and James Koshiba are dedicated to

In 5 1/2 years, this malihini learned a lots (Jun 06, 2010)
In Hawaii, we are forever glimpsing the past and the future.

A young Wayne Harada, right, interviewed Jack Lord on the set of

The boldface and the beautiful (Jun 06, 2010)
It's revelation and reflection time: Who's been having more fun, you or me?