Do you know how much of your charitable donation goes to the actual good deeds the charity is supposed to perform? Or how much the top executive of your favorite charity is paid? Or what it spends on overhead?

Find out through our custom-built searchable database of 700 Hawai'i charities, with information gleaned from the charities' tax forms through And read our special report by Advertiser reporter Rob Perez on the hidden dangers and scams associated with charitable giving.

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Knowing where every penny goes every day
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By the numbers

Hawai'i has more than 5,500 charitable organizations, with assets of nearly $14 billion.

Public charities

Private foundations


Number of organizations filing Form 990 tax return*

Total revenue reported on 990s
$5.6 billion

Total assets reported on 990s
$13.98 billion

Public charities per capita
1 per 255 residents
(10th highest among 50 states)

*Organizations with income of $25,000 or less and most faith-based groups are not required to file 990s.

Source: National Center for Charitable Statistics, Advertiser research