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President-elect Barack Obama's first post-election news conference yesterday focused on the economy.

Posted on: November 7, 2008 at 5:33 p.m.
Economy 1st on Obama's to-do list
President-elect Barack Obama used his first post-election news conference yesterday to pledge that he'll lead a fast effort to tackle what he called "the greatest economic challenge of our lifetime."

After the first results, Mufi Hannemann and his wife, Gail, took the stage at the Dole Cannery ballroom where supporters were gathered.

Posted on: November 5, 2008 at 12:08 a.m.
Hannemann coasts to victory
Following a contentious final month of campaigning, Mayor Mufi Hannemann was re-elected by Honolulu voters last night, handily defeating City Council member Ann H. Kobayashi.

Citizens group wants to slow rapid growth on Garden Isle (Oct 30, 2008)
A Kaua'i citizens group believes passage of its ballot proposal would slow the rapid growth in visitor accommodations that the group believes threatens to overwhelm the Garden Island and hurt its quality of life.

ConCon could jeopardize Hawaii school system, opponents say (Oct 27, 2008)
Education is likely to be on the top of the agenda if the state were to convene a Constitutional Convention, but opponents warn that potential changes such as local school boards or dismantling of the state Department of Education could have adverse consequences on student achievement and equal access to education.

Kauai mayoral hopefuls fight on (Oct 20, 2008)
As the home stretch to the Nov. 4 elections approaches, mayoral candidates Bernard Carvalho and JoAnn Yukimura continue to court Kaua'i voters. Only 1,771 votes separated front-runner Carvalho from Yukimura in the primary, when a total of 17,592 votes were cast for all four candidates.

Ann Kobayashi

Honolulu mayoral candidate cites fiscal prudence as a top priority (Oct 20, 2008)
In 15 days, voters will decide whether to give Mayor Mufi Hannemann a second term or elevate City Council member Ann Kobayashi to the city's top post. Hannemann's plan to build a $3.7 billion commuter rail system, and Kobayashi's alternative plan for elevated bus lanes, have dominated the campaign so far.

Some say there were clear constitutional issues behind previous conventions, including this one in 1968. But there isn't any single issue or set of issues this year.

Hawaii Constitutional Convention supporters face powerful foes (Oct 13, 2008)
Hawai'i's two major political parties have taken opposite views on whether to call for a Constitutional Convention, but the division over the November ballot question is less partisan and more about who holds sway at the state Legislature.

Amendments to Hawai'i's constitution have not been made through a Constitutional Convention since 1978.

Hawaii debates need for constitution fixes (Oct 12, 2008)
Voters get a once-in-a-decade chance in November to call for a Constitutional Convention, a right the framers of the state constitution felt was reasonable to provide a workable means of amending the state's governing document.
Update on Hawaii rail cost may not come in time to help voters (Oct 05, 2008)
Residents soon will find out how much Honolulu's planned 20-mile elevated commuter train from East Kapolei to Ala Moana could cost to build, operate and maintain.

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