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A night for Heroes

Lost photo

The entire finale was simply one huge Whoa moment. Here were some of the highlights...Jack almost committed suicide--but as always, decided to save someone else instead (nice beard, btw). And SAYID IS THE MAN--from torturing people to the ultimate altruism.More

'Lost' answers coming

The end is in sight for ABC's acclaimed island mystery "Lost," but fans will have to wait until 2010 for all the answers. More

'Lost' Blog

Evangeline Lilly was named one of the "Sexiest Stars" on TV by TV Guide. The picks were chosen by the magazine's editors.More

In the spotlight

Henry Ian Cusick, who plays the castaway, 'Desmond,' says he's riding the 'best wave of his life.' "I think they�ve given me a really plum role," he says. More

Is Locke the key?

When Locke, played by Terry O'Quinn has his mojo, it seems, so does "Lost." More

'Lost' News

Daniel Dae Kim will be a special guest at an American Red Cross event.   More

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