Jicky Ferrer

Nominated by his wife, Marla Ferrer

Hands down my husband is the "Most Romantic Man."

One of our early dates he invited me for a picnic lunch and drive around the island. He said it would be a day full of surprises. Being a malihini, I never really explored the island. Our day began with him picking me up in a '72 Corvette convertible he had rented. He had packed a picnic basket complete with red-checkered tablecloth, pate, cheese, crackers and beverages. We had the picnic on a North Shore beach and drove around the island where he talked about points of interest and island history.

As we made our way back into town, he exclaimed that he wanted me to partake in some fine island cuisine. Was it a five-star restaurant? Why yes, it was Rainbow Drive-Inn, where he picked up two plate lunches: teri-chicken, mac salad and rice!

We drove to Kaimana Beach, where we dined on our plate lunches and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

"One last surprise," he said as we pulled out of the parking lot. He took the car around Kapi'olani Park and pulled into the Waikiki Shell parking lot. To my surprise a car pulled out in front of the entrance of the Shell and Jicky pulled right in. His surprise was two tickets to the Crosby, Stills & Nash concert. A full moon rose over the Shell — he planned that too!

After the concert, he whispered into my ear, "Tonight I'm going to give you something you've never had before."

What was that, I asked.

"A Multiple Orgasm," he replied.

Before I had a chance to slap him, we pulled up to Bubbies Ice Cream parlor where he bought me their dessert, the "Multiple Orgasm."

The best dessert, date and husband I could ever ask for.