Behind — the scene

Fashion designers try and try ... and try, but it seems nothing is going to convince most men to give up their loose-fitting pants, shorts or swimwear, despite the current trendiness of straight-legged jeans. Nevertheless, it might be appropriate now and then, guys, to ask yourself, "Butt, how do I look?" A good fit and updated style can go far in the look-good-on-the-way-out department. These guys were caught at Ala Moana Center. See if you can match the man with his pants. ~Paula Rath and Catherine E. Toth

A. dressy shorts B. black Dickies C. black Vans slim-fit jeans D. baggy jeans

Guy No. 1 is wearing: Guy No. 2 is wearing: Guy No. 3 is wearing: Guy No. 4 is wearing: