Honolulu's clubscape is a study in tantalizing contrasts: One night, you're lounging in Lotus Soundbar's suave VIP room, sipping martinis; the next, you're hitting up Loft, a graffiti-plastered Chinatown dive with a killer indie rock soundtrack. To dress the part, steal a sartorial page from both Veronica Lake and Sandra Dee (the leather pant-wearing version, that is). Sounds tough, but model Sheronita pulls it off with a few of fall's freshest offerings and a healthy dose of attitude. ~Melissa May White

MODEL: Sheronita, Seattle Models Guild. MAKEUP: Kaui Alapa, Makeup Artistry for Every Woman. HAIR: Faye Gibo, Colorcuts.


Uptown Polish
Lotus Soundbar's candlelit corners set the mood for fall's sumptuous hues and svelte silhouettes. Bring an Old Hollywood-inspired look up to date by pairing silky curls and luscious screen-siren lips with chunky pumps, Lucite jewelry and an architectural dress with origami detailing.
ON MODEL: Kay Unger dress, $330, Neiman Marcus; Lucite necklace, $24, Bamboo Sky; Elle Face aquamarine & silver ring, $55, Bamboo Sky; Chie Mihara "Camila" pumps, $310, Neiman Marcus
Downtown Punk
Big hair, skintight denim and "thrift couture" are the calling cards of Loft's indie-chic patrons. Fall's hipster rocks skinny jeans in an eye-popping shade, a deconstructed vintage top, and a statement-making jewelry piece — in this case, a necklace with an original Plaza Hotel room number.
ON MODEL: Nicacelly wrap top, $100, DIG Lifestyles; Ditto's "Susie" jeans, $181, ADASA; Dolce Vita "Ferrera" wedges, $96, Bamboo Sky; Lulu Frost antique "Plaza Hotel, No. 3" necklace, $325, ADASA; Cirque leather headband, $26, Bamboo Sky