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Posted on: Friday, May 7, 2010

Makgeolli making a trendy comeback

By Jeff Chung

Korea's oldest alcoholic drink, makgeolli, is making a big comeback; it's the newest trend in South Korea.

Consumption of makgeolli, a rice wine also called takju (cloudy alcohol) for its appearance, has been dormant for the last 20 years, overshadowed by beer and soju. But makgeolli has recently reinvented itself with better flavor, cocktail versions and renewed packaging. It's now being appreciated overseas as well.

As a college exchange student in South Korea in the late '80s, I learned that the drink of choice for nearly all the students was makgeolli, as it was cheaper than soju. Now, with a new image, makgeolli is priced much higher, and the ingredients are of higher grade. Its sour, sweet and slight bitter taste accompanies traditional Korean food very well.

Makgeolli is made with nonglutinous rice and nuruk (ground whole wheat with yeast and enzyme), and fermented for five to seven days. That's strained, and the extract is the raw makgeolli. Most makers pasteurize it by heating the milky substance.

It's now so popular that there are schools that teach how to make makgeolli at home.

It's consumed in a fist-sized gourd bowl, rather than a small soju glass.

The next time you're in a Korean restaurant, try makgeolli with a variety of jun (Korean pancakes) or other traditional Korean foods yes, even kim chee.

The sweetness of makgeolli will soften the spicy foods you find in Korean restaurants.

You can also find a variety of makgeolli at local Korean supermarkets.


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