Saturday, February 24, 2001
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Posted on: Saturday, February 24, 2001

Island Sounds
Ojiji has an understated reggae rhythm

By Wayne Harada
Advertiser Entertainment Editor

Audio sample of "Once a Lion" by Rupert "Ojiji" Harvey. in mp3 or RealAudio format. RealAudio requires a plug-in.

"ONCE A LION" by Rupert "Ojiji" Harvey, Shaka Records Ojiji, CD 1000.

Rupert "Ojiji" Harvey is a Canadian who frequently visits here; he got hooked into the Island music scene and completed this CD on Maui, paying homage to his tropical paradise, "Aloha Hawaii," on which he sings of reggae vibes, Hilo rainfall, Lahaina beaches and Maui sunrises.

His sound fits well into the Island groove with an understated reggae rhythm for most of his cruising. Tunes such as "Daniel" and "When Reggae Rocks" easily could find a place on local radio playlists. "I’ll Be There" could be his Island signature, a gentle rockaballad with lyrics dealing with loyalty, support and joy. Couples surely will be slow-dancing and cuddling to this one.

Ojiji, as he is called, is a Juno Award winner (equivalent to the U.S.’s Grammy and the Islands’ Na Hoku Hanohano Awards) who also has Jamaican roots. He’s appeared in a few films, including "Cocktail," the movie starring Tom Cruise.

If he’s to ignite a musical following here, an appearance would spark interest. He’s got the looks (dreadlocks), the voice (seductive and involving) and the music to carve a niche.

Audio sample of "Leilani" by Ryshe. in mp3 or RealAudio format. RealAudio requires a plug-in.

"LEILANI" by Ryshe, Midnite-Terror Entertainment, MTE 31440.

Ryshe is Lorenzo (Sherm) Magalei and Ryn Asuega, whose combined names form their name of their partnership. This four-track CD single boasts a very catchy title song with hooks that captivate; the vocal harmony is rich and the joy of performing obvious. This is a great prelude to the duo’s upcoming CD, "Drama in the Hotel."

Audio sample of "Maui Morning" by Riley Lee and Jeff Pearson. in mp3 or RealAudio format. RealAudio requires a plug-in.

"MAUI MORNING" by Riley Lee and Jeff Peterson, Hula Records CDHRI-1013.

Riley Lee is Hawai
i’s best-known shakuhachi artist; Jeff Peterson is a guitarist with a classical and jazz background. Together, the bamboo flute and the ki hoalu guitar yield a very poetic, very resourceful sound, evoking romantic and rhapsodic images of the Island lifestyle.

The title tune is Peterson’s composition, a subtle yet vibrant ear canvas of Maui images of sunrises over Haleakala, of rain forests in Hana, of lapping waves at Makena. It’s a beaut.

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