Flossie soaks Big Isle, fades to tropical storm
Tropical Storm Flossie should bring little rain but lots of gusty wind to O'ahu tonight as it comes within 180 miles south of the island. See story.

See the latest map from the National Weather Service

spacerAugust 15, 2007
 • Flossie soaks Big Isle, fades to tropical storm
 • No injuries, damage reported; businesses, schools remain closed
 • Flossie packs more punch on north side
 • For emergency responders, storms teach valuable lessons
spacerAugust 14, 2007
 • Big Island braces for Hurricane Flossie
 • Forecasters say Flossie won't hit Hawaii hard
 • 'Mood is good' at Big Isle hotels
 • Hurricane hunters take off to track Flossie
spacerAugust 13, 2007
 • Hurricane Flossie moves closer to Hawaii
spacerAugust 12, 2007
 • Flossie forecast to weaken, miss Hawaii
spacerAugust 11, 2007
 • Expect Flossie to rain on Hawaii
spacerAugust 10, 2007
 • Tropical storm might reach Hawaii
spacerJuly 25, 2006
 • Storm Daniel nears Hawai'i's doorstep
spacerJune 30, 2006
 • Survey touted for disaster plans
spacerJune 17, 2006
 • States' disaster response plans lags
spacerJune 1, 2006
 • Hurricane season is upon us — so be ready
spacerMay 23, 2006
 • Hurricane kit urged despite mild forecast
spacerSeptember 23, 2005
 • Fortify your home, buy emergency supplies
 •  Fluffy and Fido depend on you
 •  Civil Defense will train volunteer response teams
 •  Downtown expected to hold up well in storm
spacerSeptember 22, 2005
 • State's utility system in better shape now
spacerSeptember 21, 2005
 • Few reinforce their houses
 •  Big Isle system well-tested but seeks upgrades
spacerSeptember 20, 2005
 •  Hotels to shelter tourists
 •  Some Maui towns may be cut off
spacerSeptember 19, 2005
 • Waikiki faces flood risk
 • City tries to tally cost of upgrades
spacerSeptember 18, 2005
 • Shelters, sirens are state's weak links
 •  Adequate shelter a key concern
 •  Military 'a resource we treasure' in a crisis


 • Tsunami evacuation zones
 • State of Hawaii Hurricane Shelters

On the Web:
 • National Weather Service
 • NOAA Central Pacific Hurricane Center
 • Hawai'i State Civil Defense
 • O'ahu Civil Defense Agency
 • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
 • Federal Emergency Management Agency

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