Sunday, February 4, 2001
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The road to technology
For years, New Economy proponents in Hawaii have prophesied that the high-tech sector will become the state's marquee industry, lifting the economy to new heights while shielding residents from the fickle trends of tourism.

Business Outlook 2001
The seeds are planted, but the future is uncertain. How will Hawai'i's economy fare in 2001?

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Federal rate cuts intended to reignite economy
The Federal Reserve threw a one-two punch with two half-point cuts in interest rates last month as it pursued its fight to keep the nation from falling into a recession. But private economists believe it will take more rate reductions in the coming months to score a knockout.
Consumer fears may keep stocks in downward trend
With corporate earnings season almost over and two interest rate cuts under its belt, the stock market might appear poised for a February rally. Unfortunately, the outlook remains murky. Despite the Federal Reserve’s best efforts, Wall Street is having trouble shaking its fears about the future.
Large-scale layoffs raise worries of domino-like effect on economy
In recent days, a parade of companies has marched out plans for tens of thousands of job cuts. The worry now is about a domino effect - how much growing uncertainty among workers will cut into consumer spending, which in turn could threaten the nation's fragile economic health.
Page Posted On: Sunday, February 4, 2001
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