Monday, February 5, 2001
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Updsted at 3:11 p.m., February 5, 2001

Missing boys found after night on Kuliouou trail

Advertiser Staff

Rescuers located two missing teen hikers this afternoon and brought them to safety after they spent the night on the Kuliouou Loop Trail.

Alan Morrow and Christopher Lee, both 17 and students at Honolulu Waldorf School, were brought by helicopter to Kuliouou Neighborhood Park after two firefighters were lowered to help them on the trail.

Waiting to greet them were parents as well as rescuers and students, teachers and administrators from Waldorf School.

Both hikers were in good condition.

The boys are experienced hikers and had provisions with them when they left yesterday afternoon for the hike.

They were next heard from at about 7 last night when Christopher called home by cell phone.

“When we got the call last night he reassured us everything was OK,” said Robin Lee, Christopher’s father. “He said he wanted to wait until daylight to find a way out. I’m glad he had the good sense to stay put.”

The two said they had spent the night in a cave high up on the ridge, unable to sleep because it was so cold.

They were picked up again on their cellular phone sometime after noon today by the HFD helicopter pilot, according to Fire Department spokesman Capt. Richard Soo.

The teens were located in an area inaccessible by helicopter and were asked to walk out to an open area, where firefighters were lowered to help them.

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