Sunday, January 28, 2001
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adair's cartoon
Experienced teachers need pay hike, too ...
At this point, the No. 1 thing we’re looking for in contract talks between the state and the teachers’ union is movement, so Gov. Ben Cayetano’s latest proposal is welcome even if it’s not quite up to the mark.

De-unionize principals and pay them more
When Gov. Ben Cayetano declared that the state isn’t obligated to finance the arbitrated wage increase won by the white-collar public worker union, one thought may have been missed: Hawaii’s public schools are on the brink of an extreme shortage of principals.

Public policy must prevail over unions
A look at the state of collective bargaining in Hawaii tells us there’s a chance there might be a public worker strike or two on the immediate horizon, but it tells us a lot more than that.

Island Voices

Cayetano and his 'vision' could use a reality check

Myth-making, like stealth politics, is a long-established tradition in Hawaii. The latest legend-in-the-making appears to be Gov. Ben Cayetano’s “vision” for Kakaako makai.

Facility should excel in exhibits that inspire, educate and entertain
Rarely do we have a chance to upgrade our cityscape, create a world-class educational experience for our children and launch a new gathering place for residents and visitors - all in a single stroke.

Clinton's final days embarrass Washington
Bill Clinton left office a week ago. But the story didn’t end there.

Kim asked for little but must deliver a lot
Unlike those politicians who typically spend big money to advertise they’ll be frugal managers of government, Harry Kim of Hilo spent little money and made no promises in his campaign for mayor. Voters gave him a mandate. But to do what?

Leaders of 22 nations, territories meet in Hawai'i
When the presidents, prime ministers, governors and officials of 22 nations and territories in the Pacific islands region convene at Hawaii’s East-West Center on Tuesday and Wednesday, it will mark the 20th anniversary of a truly unique cooperative endeavor.

Tom Plate

Mr. Bush, don't play by yesterday's rules
An aggressive tilt toward Japan - and away from China - could spawn trouble to the fearsomely delicate balance across Asia.

Page Posted On: Sunday, January 28, 2001
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