Sunday, January 28, 2001
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Linda Andrade Wheeler gestures to help make a point during one of her motivational talks to employees of American Express.

Richard Ambo • The Honolulu Advertiser

Coaching others on how to make positive changes
For the past 16 years, Pam Chambers has coached thousands of people on presenting themselves in public. She offers 11 seminars. Some examples are "Seven ways that women throw their power away," and "A room full of strangers: 17 networking tips".

Teaching people to take charge of their destinies

Law of order: How kids' order influences their personalities
Samoan family devoted to education

'Waiting to Exhale' author gets back in the groove
Critics haven't always been so kind to Terry McMillan. They often balk at her simple characters and dialogue-driven plots. But they haven't been able to ignore her sales: The first printing of her latest book is close to a million copies - not quite John Grisham or Tom Clancy, but close.
Hawai'i Ways
Going toe-to-toe in the ring

During the Great Depression, we teenagers could have gotten into bad trouble just as teenagers do today, if it hadn't been for the Catholic Youth Organization and its amateur boxing tournaments at the gym on old Fort Street.
Hawai'i Gardens
Wild poinsettia is related to coffee

Warscewiczia is a very attractive plant that we don't see enough in Hawaii gardens. It has brilliant red bracts (the leaf-like plant parts, often brightly colored, that usually appear below the actual flower). You might guess that it would be related to poinsettias, the Christmas flower.
Book Review
Comedian pulls no punches about alcoholism

How Richard Lewis came to terms with his alcoholism and his life is the subject of Lewis' new memoir, "The Other Great Depression," with the subtitle "How I'm Overcoming, On a Daily Basis, At Least a Million Addictions and Dysfunctions and Finding a Spiritual (Sometimes) Life."
Lit Beat
Hawai'i Best Sellers
Art Review
Artwork from golden era of animation showing at academy

Steve Schneider, 41, curator of "The Art of Warner Bros. Animation," which is on exhibit at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, has devoted half his life to piecing together the world's premier collection of Warner Bros. original animation materials.
Art Calendar
Animal Companions
Before deciding to get a pet, see how you score as an owner

Is it a good time to add an animal companion to your life? The short answer is, yes, if your life is calm and organized right now. Take this quiz, used by permission of the Denver Dumb Friends League.

Will the birth order of the Yim children — 8-year-old Kaitlyn, 6-year-old Henry and 4-year-old Rebecca — affect their personalities?

Cory Lum • The Honolulu Advertiser

Deb Aoki's Bento Box
Fun House

Law of order: How kids' order influences their personalities
The indulgent and dominating oldest child. The neglected and adaptive middle child. The spoiled youngest child. These popular stereotypes actually have some backing by research, since personalities are often shaped by early influences.

Send us family photos that show 'Ohana in the Islands
If you've taken a great picture of one or more folks in your family, maybe it could be a winner in The Advertiser's family photo contest, "Ohana in the Islands."

Share the ways you keep your love alive
With Valentine's Day approaching and romance in the air, we'd like you to tell us about what you and your partner do to keep each other in love.

Samoan family devoted to education
Radford High School Vice Principal Etuale Suafoa and his family don't fit the negative stereotypes that often plague people of Samoan ancestry.
Honorable Mention
Chess donor makes his move on schools

Colin Rayner is a doer, not a passive observer. Using his own money, he purchased hundreds of inexpensive chess sets and donated them to 10 elementary and middle schools on Oahu.
Family Matters
Tips for handling disagreements on child rearing

Failure to deal with disagreements over parenting can have serious consequences, says a child psychiatrist. He offers tips on dealing with the disagreements.
For Better, For Worse
'Whirlwind courtship' follows blind date

At 33, Kerri Lum was not a believer in whirlwind courtships, the kind you read about in romantic books. But it didn't take long for her to change her mind.
Several foods besides milk are good sources of calcium

It may not be a big problem if you child doesn't like milk. There are lots of other foods that contain calcium.
Hawai'i Nature Squad
That spider's 'pillow-thing' is case of eggs

The Hawaii Nature Squad, in another of its continuing adventures, investigates the case of some mysterious pillow-like things.
"Star Poets 2001' contest now accepting student entries
Entries are now being accepted from students in grades three to 12 for Star Poets 2001, a poetry contest sponsored by Windward Community College and Starbucks.
Wayne Harada
Show Biz
DeLima gets miscue when fireworks go off
Comedian Frank DeLima's premature 'alarm clock,' ... 'Hawai'i's Kitchen' tapes at Chai's Island Bistro ... 'Vanities' cast parties at Nick's Fishmarket.

Island Sounds
Brother Noland returns to his roots
Brother Noland returns to his Hawaiian roots with a relaxing, reflective collection of Island favorites. ... A new collaboration gives Damon a Fiji-style R&B and reggae makeover.

Audio sample of "Keawaiki" by Brother Noland. in mp3 or RealAudio format. RealAudio requires a plug-in.
Audio sample of "On The Island" by Damon in mp3 or RealAudio format. RealAudio requires a plug-in.

Joan Namkoong
Editor's Choice
For zesty, citrus-flavored dish, try Chili Orange Cold Noodles
Chili Orange Noodles is one of my favorite noodle dishes. Not only is it delicious as part of a Chinese meal, it can stand on its own as a "pasta salad" on a buffet or as an accompaniment to grilled chicken or meats.
Page Posted On: Sunday, January 28, 2001
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