Saturday, January 6, 2001
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Posted on: Saturday, January 6, 2001

Find the answers in the questions

By Mike Leidemann
Advertiser Staff Writer

Sometimes, reading the newspaper raises a lot more questions than it answers. Most of the newspaper stories at the start of this year have left me wondering who has those answers. All I’ve got are questions:

How come people who are found innocent by a jury always say how much they believe in the jury system, but those who are found guilty never do?

Is this a metaphor for Hawaii or what? I’m going to miss the Columbia Inn, but let’s tell the truth: It’s been on a long slide downward ever since Tosh Kaneshiro died, the family sold the business to a foreign corporation and the bar started closing at 10:30 p.m.

What ever happened to supply and demand? Everyone says there was a lot more top-grade sashimi available at the wholesale level this year for New Year’s celebraters, but the price we paid in the stores was pretty much the same as last year.

Do you think the death of an innocent, elderly woman and the loss of three homes will be enough to finally convince lawmakers to enact a real, total ban against fireworks? No, I don’t either.

How come there isn’t a law requiring airplane crews for all carriers to keep the cockpit locked at all times? It would help guard against crazy passengers breaking in and trying to plunge all their fellow travelers to death.

What ever happened to supply and demand, Part 2? Since nearly everyone has e-mail now, how come the cost of regular first-class mail is going up again?

Is life unfair or what? After 10 years in the doldrums, Hawaii’s economy finally starts to turn good, just as business in the rest of the country heads south.

What if we finally found truth in government advertising this year? Would the city’s new golf course be called the The Sand (Island) Trap? Would Mayor Harris be talking about a two-year plan for his administration? Will the new fireworks ban be called Dark Star?

In the new Chamorro time zone in Guam, will noon be officially known now as Hafa Adai?

What ever happened to supply and demand, Part 3: Did you know that a supermarket-size sack of Lay’s potato chips has lost about 7.5 percent of its content weight, but still costs the same old price?

Are we trying to kill all our old people, one by one, as they walk across the street in crosswalks? Would it be all that hard for all of us to be just a little more careful as we drive around on our day-to-day rounds?

Is there any kid out there now who doesn’t have one of those hot little Razor scooters, or a look-alike? Is there any kid out there who won’t have a new scrape by next week?

Mike Leidemann’s columns appear Thursdays and Saturdays in the Advertiser. He can be reached by phone (525-5460) or e-mail (

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