Posted on Jan. 14, 2001

The 2001 Hawai'i State Legislature

How to reach your representative and senator

House of Representatives

The make-up of the 51-member House under Speaker Calvin Say changed dramatically in last year's election. Eleven members -- all Democrats -- either stepped down or lost in the election. Several of those seats were taken over by Republicans, who now number 19 members. With a larger group, Republicans are hoping to have a stronger influence in pushing classic GOP proposals such as eliminating the excise tax on food, rent and medical services and replacing the statewide Board of Education with smaller, locally-elected school boards.

Make your voice heard
• Contact your legislators.
• Join our discussion on what you would like to see the Legislature accomplish this year.
• Start a petition. Visit our E the People town hall and get a movement going on the issues that matter to you.

More information on the Internet
The State Capitol Web site at offers a variety of information including a legislative timetable, notices of when bills will be heard and links to lawmakers’ e-mail.
Also available at the site are texts of bills and resolutions introduced in 1999, which are still active.
Bills introduced this year will be added as they are filed. A legislative history of each measure are also available at the site along with records of what bills have been referred to each committee.
• More information is also available at the Public Access Room in Room 401 of the State Capitol. Public Access Room staff have scheduled about 15 workshops on the legislative process, citizen lobbying and other subjects for January and February.
A workshop schedule is available at the Access Room Web page at The Web site also features descriptions of how a bill becomes a law and links to other useful sites.
The Public Access Room is open 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays. The room has expanded hours just before the key legislative deadlines. The phone number is 587-0478.

Representatives by last name

Michael Kahikina
D-43rd (Barbers Pt., Waianae, Maili)
Room 404
Phone: 586-8465
Fax: 586-8469
Ezra Kanoho
D-13th (Waipouli, Lihue)
Room 432
Phone: 586-6270
Fax: 586-6271
Bertha Kawakami
D-14th (Koloa, Waimea, Niihau)
Room 434
Phone: 586-6280
Fax: 586-6281
Marilyn Lee
D-38th (Waipio, Mililani)
Room 405
Phone: 586-9460
Fax: 586-9466
Bertha Leong
R-16th (Aina Haina, Hawaii Kai)
Room 327
Phone: 586-6510
Fax: 586-6511
Sylvia Luke
D-26th (Punchbowl, Pauoa)
Room 422
Phone: 586-8530
Fax: 586-8534
Michael Magaoay
D-45th (Waialua, Kahuku)
Room 418
Phone: 586-6380
Fax: 586-6381
Barbara Marumoto
R-17th (Kahala, Waialae Iki)
Room 304
Phone: 586-6310
Fax: 586-6311
Bob McDermott
R-32nd (Aiea, Salt Lake, Aliamanu)
Room 441
Phone: 586-9470
Fax: 586-9476
Colleen Meyer
R-46th (Laie, Waiahole)
Room 333
Phone: 586-8540
Fax: 586-8544E-mail:
Hermina Morita
D-12th (E. Maui, N. Kauai)
Room 315
Phone: 586-8435
Fax: 586-8437
Mark Moses
R-42nd (Kapolei, Ewa Village, Village Park)
Room 310
Phone: 586-8500
Fax: 586-8504
Bob Nakasone
D-9th (Kahului, Wailuku)
Room 424
Phone: 586-6210
Fax: 586-6211
Guy Ontai
R-39th (Wheeler, Mililani)
Room 319
Phone: 586-6150
Fax: 586-6151
Blake Oshiro
D-33rd (Aiea, Halawa Hts, Red Hill)
Room 332
Phone: 586-6340
Fax: 586-6341
Marcus Oshiro
D-40th (Wahiawa, Whitmore)
Room 439
Phone: 586-8505
Fax: 586-8509
David Pendleton
R-50th (Mauna-wili, Ench. Lake)
Room 442
Phone: 586-9490
Fax: 586-9496E-mail:
Jim Rath
R-6th (N. Kona, S. Kohala)
Room 427
Phone: 586-8510
Fax: 586-8514

Representatives by last name