Sunday, January 14, 2001
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adair's cartoon
Hawaiian land deals: chance for greatness ...
There is a deep need for the various agencies and activities aimed at helping Hawaiians bring their work and their message together. This is true politically, but also physically. Early plans suggest a way that could happen.

... and a potential waterfront masterpiece
Two technology-related projects near Kewalo Basin approved last week could become the centerpiece of a long-envisioned high-tech community in Kaka'ako. They would also complement other plans for the area, including a signature waterfront aquarium, a new Bishop Museum science center and other attractions.

Jerry Burris

Legislative remapping should spur innovations
For most of us, the news out of the U.S. Census of 2000 was of passing interest. But there are at least 76 people who are intensely interested in the census, particularly the details that will soon follow the big numbers.

Tom Plate

Isle resident gets Asia-Pacific portfolio
James A. Kelly, as the next assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, will be a key figure in reordering U.S.-Asia policy. Nice guys don't always finish last.


U.S. lifestyles have sweeping effects
On every continent, more and more people are adopting the American consumer lifestyle of convenience and abundance.

Special education a victim of misconceptions
A misinformed public, our state bureaucracy and the Legislature are losing sight of the intent of the Felix consent decree. This federal law is intended to provide an education to children of special needs.

Bush gives Silent Generation a voice
It's sobering to see how the incoming Bush administration looks like the last chance for White House power by my neglected generation.
From the 'Greatest' to the 'Millennials'

Isles need undersea observatory vessel, not third aquarium
Gov. Ben Cayetano proposes a $100 million O'ahu aquarium at the water's edge in Kaka'ako. At half the price of the governor's idea, we propose a self-supporting, 87.5 percent federally financed undersea observatory.

Page Posted On: Sunday, January 14, 2001
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