Thursday, January 18, 2001
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Posted on: Thursday, January 18, 2001

Letters to the Editor

Archery range is no danger to the public

Robert Loera’s Jan. 13 letter, "Archery range is a danger to public," paints an incomplete picture and unfairly accuses Mayor Harris of ignoring safety issues in order to reap potential votes from The Archery Coalition (TAC).

TAC was formed to promote the sport of archery by educating the public, securing and maintaining archery ranges and providing a unified entity for the local government, or any other organization, to address its concerns to.

In this spirit of communication, we have worked with Neighborhood Board No. 5, Mayor Harris and his staff, archery groups and the public to secure archery activities at Kapiolani Park. The city had threatened the closure of the Kapiolani range, citing safety concerns (two isolated incidents).

There have been no reports or any communication to archers substantiating the "many errant arrows" allegation by Loera. TAC maintains that these concerns can be, and are being, addressed reasonably and systematically by the city and TAC groups to increase the safety at, and enhance the aesthetic beauty of, the Kapiolani range.

So, to Loera, his group and all of our friends who want to give archery the proverbial boot from Kapiolani Park, why can’t we all just get along and be more neighborly? We look forward to many more years of peaceful enjoyment with you folks at Kapiolani Park.

Van Ohumukini
TAC Secretary

Don’t be in such a rush to get rid of parrots

Regarding the Jan. 8 article "Parrot invasion worries Maui," here are some points to ponder:

Many birds, not just parrots, feed on wild fruits. Banyan figs and other small wild fruits "are for the birds," as are (for parrots) the tough pods of the many varieties of leguminous trees that beautify our landscape.

The intelligence and awareness of parrots are indisputable, as well as their beauty and unique personalities. Most species remain true to their partner for life. Science is proving that they can learn to communicate with humans in our own languages. Some may even preserve the remnants of extinct human languages.

Neither Hawaiian birds nor plants were displaced because of parrots.

Was Earth meant for human manipulation only? Haven’t we killed enough animals and habitat? Some of these birds’ native habitats have already been destroyed. Hawaii can probably accommodate them if we try using a little imagination, such as the planting of buffer zones, instead of the ever-ready "final solution" that some persons enjoy a little too much.

Lee Farris

Waikiki prostitution getting out of control

Living and working in Waikiki, I have noticed the terrific job of protecting citizens and visitors the police do. What I do not understand is why at 8 a.m. I see a prostitute on my way to work and worse, if I go out after 10 p.m., I see more prostitutes on the street than regular people sometimes.

One night my companion went to Jack-in-the-Box for a late-night snack and was propositioned 15 times — and we live four blocks from Jack-in-the-Box.

I find it embarrassing and uncomfortable. Visitors have also expressed concern at the abundance of obvious prostitution.

Is this something we are offering as a service to our visitors or is it simply that no one takes enough interest in Waikiki? I don’t think the citizens of, say, Kailua would put up with some of the activities that are walking around Waikiki after dark.

Melissa Walter

Kalanianaole project will hurt businesses

As a physician and small-business owner, I am concerned about the just-launched roadwork project in East Oahu. The day work will certainly affect the businesses in the area.

Many individuals seeking medical or dental care or other needs in East Oahu will be stymied by the long delays on Kalanianaole Highway. Just as our economy is picking up, the small businesses in the area risk withering on the vine.

Politicians, consider your constituents. Please rethink the possibility of weekend or night work for this project, if it is indeed absolutely necessary.

Joyce H. Cassen

Those are our troops

In reference to the constant stream of letters and articles concerning military maneuvers, practicing assaults, line firings, practice bombings, etc., look at it this way: Be glad that they are our troops, our Marines, our Air Force.

Allan D. Engleman
Chief Boatswain’s Mate, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

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